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  1. Welcome to the website, James and Tim .
  2. Welcome back, Michael, I'm glad that things are a bit better for you now .
  3. Welcome to the website, Tone .
  4. Good to see you posting, David, welcome to the forums .
  5. Welcome to the website Paul and Dave .
  6. Nice to see you here, Adam, welcome to the website .
  7. Here's our Clan's latest map for "Day of Infamy", which can be played in several game modes: Kriegsmarine As always, you can click on the screenshots to enlarge them. A lot of the "MOHAA" players definitely like this one . Also, there's a new update today, with 4 new units, including the Australians and the Scottish Blackwatch, a new map too:
  8. Hi Gamer and welcome to the website for you and your Clan . Your Clan website design is superb, a real "eye-catcher" .
  9. Welcome to the website, Clippo .
  10. Yes indeed, ladies & gents, a person's side view, it can reveal so much..... .....take our Howard, from the Battalion 1944 Devteam, as an example...... .......yes, a very interesting perspective there, for sure....... .......definitely very focussed there, no doubt about it, folks...... ......a man who works hard, determined to bring us the next top class WWII FPS Competitive Shooter, yes indeedy....... ..........an FPS gamer addict who........ ...........apparently also has a part-time job as a WWII FPS character model ......... I know Howard loves fraggin' on "Day of Infamy", folks, but I never knew things went that far .
  11. WW! That was truly epic, OB, it was genuinely just like a clip from an old WWII movie . I can't wait to sse it, bro. An attack on an old farm house, fighting through abandoned buildings or close-quarter combat in a forest environment, all in COD2 SP-style .
  12. Yep, very good video again, OB. It would be great to see a video, shot in similar style, depicting your re-inacted combat footage with the German troops .
  13. Welcome to the website, Roman .
  14. Welcome to the forums, BerNa .