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  1. Welcome to the website, Grizz .
  2. Here's the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Community's "tongue in cheek" video at how RtCW would look today if the money-hungry clowns at Activision were to make it :
  3. Welcome to the website, Smiley .
  4. Welcome to the website, Snipii .
  5. Welcome to the forums, PowerZ .
  6. Cheers, amigo . What about the game I just posted, Switz bro, "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" ? Also, how can we forget "Half-life 2" ?
  7. Welcome to the community, Bob, I hope you find your old Clan buddies too .
  8. Looking forward to seeing some screenshots of "Eindhoven", Elemeno .
  9. Good to see you here, LYNXXX, welcome to the website .
  10. The Return to Castle Wolfenstein Community are all waiting for this modern release of our game, which should be available this summer. They've totally modified the game engine too, (it's now called ioRtCW), so we now have all the things in-game that modern-day FPS titles take for granted. Also new weapons, new map missions, graphics and sounds. All of this is community-created:
  11. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your recruiting, Enrico .
  12. Thanks for the video "heads up", Dust, I'll check it out .
  13. For similar speed, movement, bomb-planting etc., you could try Dirty Bomb, created by SplashDamage, Jmaes:
  14. I'm sure that Tuna will be able to help you out with that one, Matt. Welcome to the forums .