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  1. That's a kind offer for the Devs to consider, Dixon. What's your favourite WWII vehicle that you've collected or restored so far?
  2. Welcome to the website, Baron . I'm sure the Devs will answer your questions in good time, bro, they're busy right now getting the new in-game video footage ready for us to see next week .
  3. Good to see you and your Clan here, Chuck, nice website too .
  4. If you go to Tuna's "twitter" page you'll see this, sNrklhaai : You'll get more info about this if you scroll down on his page HERE
  5. Nice info in respects to historical accuracy, OB, I'd never have noticed that .
  6. Welcome to the forums, Sumacz .
  7. Hi, Dogo, welcome to the forums .
  8. Hi!

    Welcome to the website, Twinx .
  9. +1 Yeah, we've all noticed this, bro, something has definitely changed in the background recently, you can easily tell this just by reading some of the current posts from the "competitive-only" crew. Some of them obviously know more about what's really going on than we do. This was one of our main topics of conversation last night on Teamspeak. "Time will tell", as they say.
  10. It's great to see that it's Westie sitting there, we're gauranteed honest and accurate feedback from him. Regardless of what game he's testing/reviewing or how big/small the gaming company is, he always gives us the facts. A new "BAT44" gameplay review from the Westmei$ter? I'd love to see that .
  11. +1 The clue is maybe in the name ? LMFA . Yeah, that's it, mate, they can have a crazy "stare-off" round, no weapons .
  12. Welcome to the forums, Solaze .
  13. Welcome to the website, Ciiro .
  14. We can agree to disagree, m8 .
  15. Hi

    It's taking shape nicely, amigo . Like you say, more detail needs to be added, like the open terrain in the first screenshot, between the town and the out-lying farm house. I'd add a ton of haystacks to that area, Steve, just to annoy the rifle campers .