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  1. Hi Wascht, Orphie and Shogel, welcome to the website .
  2. Community modding and mapping is the "lifeblood" that any game, aiming for longevity, needs to have.
  3. Yep, objective-based teamplay ftw .
  4. Well, what can I say? After more investigating I'm actually stunned, this new "Call of Duty WWII" has created a modern version of our "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" gameplay and they've made a very good job of it too. Here's the actual in-game footage, from a "Wolfenstein" perspective, posted by the one and only Yo$hik from our "RtCW" community. What you will see: 1] Attack and capture the command post so you can spawn there. 2] Build the 2-part bridge, (just like Wolf: ET Fueldump), get your tank across it. 3] Escort the tank to the Axis ammo supply. 4] Attack the supply depot, breaching either of the two depot gates, plant dynamite and destroy it. (the Axis troops can rebuild the gates, check the footage of the left-hand side gate at the 6:35 mark) 5] Escort the tank to the 88 Flak Cannons and destroy them. Screenshots First: Capture the Command Post: Construction Unit for the MG42 Build the Bridge: Build the bridge 2 Attack the Supply Depot: Destroy the Supply Depot: Escort the Tank to the 88 Flak Cannons: Destroy the 88 Flak Cannons: In this video the Allied attack fails: In this video the Allies win The only thing I never saw included were landmines, but I can't say for sure that they're not actually in the game, we'll have to wait and see. After 14 years of waiting, our game, "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory", has finally been remade.
  5. xXclusiivE.........xXclusiivE bro....... I should also have pointed out that you can see from the video footage the ability to mount the tanks, in order to use the tank-mounted machineguns...... .............JUST LIKE "WOLF ET" !!!
  6. Thanks for the video "heads up", WeAsOne .
  7. Are you deaf and blind, Zeak? I don't think so, maybe you're just a little unobservant ? Watch the part of the video from the 1:45 mark, hear what he says, "we have to push through enemy territory...", watch what comes next and hear him say something along the lines of, "escort the tank and protect it..." watch them plant the dynamite at the 88's and so on. So, let's recap, shall we, Zeak? Enemy territory is mentioned, you then see the Allies escort their tank, which has to be protected, they then plant dynamite at the 88 Flak Cannons. Hmmm, well now, I wonder what made me think about the gameplay of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" in that video ?
  8. "We have to push through enemy territory......escort the tank.......destroy the 88's!". Very clever video montage, very "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" too, but I won't "hold my breathe" in expectation .
  9. ......in "alpha" . That's why Devteams run these events, Coach, in order to "iron out" any bugs, flaws in the game's over-all mechanics, test the weapon balance and so on. Everything about "BAT44" will change, over time, thoughout the "alpha" and "beta" testing periods. Once we get to the end of the "beta" release testing you'll see a rather different and much improved game .
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post all that info, Blue .
  11. Really nice website, Paolo, welcome to you and your community here at "BAT44" .
  12. I'm sure that one of the Devteam can help you with that question, Bashy. Also, welcome to the forums .
  13. Welcome to the website, Alvin .
  14. Welcome to the website, Bonde .
  15. Hi Nisty and welcome to the forums .