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  1. TeamWarfare League (TWL)

    TWL, great to see you back .
  2. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the website, Roel and Tango .
  3. Hey

    Welcome to the forums, Kiber .
  4. Hello all

    Welcome to the forums, Jim .
  5. Hello!

    Welcome to the website, DarkOz .
  6. Hello!

    Welcome to the website, Caffers .
  7. Wolfenstein enemy territory

    There's lots of stats at the end of each round, Rockzor, relating to everything from your "k/d" ratio to who completed the most map objectives. Yes, they're included too. There's also lots of cosmetic upgrades to be gained in-game, e.g., unlocking the uniforms of many other army units and veteran weapons such as veteran rifle skins: All of these upgrades are cosmetic and don't affect the gameplay.
  8. 82nd Airborne 505th RCT - 2017 Season

    +1 Great video as always, OB .
  9. Days of War ?

    Yep, a detailed update, but will they deliver on it? Due to how this Devteam have behaved in the past, I personally doubt it. However, you just never know for sure.
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the website, Ryan .
  11. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Welcome to the website, Brofessor . For me, that would remove the level playing field for matches, giving some players a really big advantage over others.
  12. What games do you currently play?

    We're all different I suppose, Ray, for me it's one of the worst servers I've ever fragged on. What? Are you being serious here or just trying to wind me up, Ray ?
  13. Wolfenstein enemy territory

    Yep, "Day of Infamy" is a brutal game to frag on, bro. You have no sight marker, a minimal/zero HUD, the bolt-action rifles like the Kar98 and Lee Enfield will one-shot kill you to the head, there's artillery, airstrikes and gun-runs from Typhoon aircraft and Stuka Dive Bombers. The close-quarter combat is ferocious as you frag from house to house, we die a lot in "Day of Infamy", it's a totally hardcore FPS game which requires teamwork at all times as you fight to complete the map objectives. If you ever want to frag with us just let me know, Lyseeq, we run our own server. I have to warn you, though, we run the most difficult "Cooperative Mode"server in the game, it takes a bit of getting used to .
  14. Days of War ?

    The miracle has happened, WeAsOne, a reply from a member of their Devteam : Days of War - Dev Reply
  15. What games do you currently play?

    How can you play "Wolf: ET" on a server with those crap settings, Ray? Self-healing medics, hitsounds, clowns bunny-hopping around with all the atmospheric effects turned off to gain an advantage over others. I've fragged on that server and it's like playing in a Simpsons cartoon . I see you've actually joined their Clan too?