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    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Everyone who's been here since the beginning knows me and knows my Clan. They are also very aware that we don't get on well with the Devteam, (especially Tuna), they irritate us at times and we're very well aware that the feeling is mutual . Why start my post like this, folks? It's simple. No one on planet Earth can ever label us as being "fanboys" of "Battalion 1944", certainly not with any credibility. Therefore, what we tell others about the game is our honest appraisal of the situation at present. The game is far from being dead, it's in trouble, sure, but a game can only truly be classed as being dead when its Devteam "up tools" and disappear over the horizon. The "Battalion 1944" Devs have not and will not do this. Even at this difficult stage in the game's development process, they still believe 100% in what they are doing and what they want to achieve. They will not give up, Joe Brammer is far too stubborn and determined to let that happen. The game is in this situation for 2 main reasons. Joe, (and whoever else was advising him), released the game far too early. Not only was the game not ready, the servers were not even ready either, leading to a catastrophic debut for "BATT44". That's "reason one". Reason two? This misjudgement on Joe's/his team's part gave the "anti-Battalion Hate Train" all the ammunition they needed in order to slaughter the game far and wide on the dear ol' interweb. They started on "day one" of the game's "Early Access" release and they simply have not stopped, attacking the game in general and the Devteam too, relentlessly. Their warped and incessant hatred for "all things Battalion" knows no bounds. Their unjustified hatred seems almost "fashionable", within some quarters, at this moment in time . What did the supposedly "arrogant" and "rude" Joe Brammer do during all this online carnage? He stuck two fingers up at the community and said, "Up yours! I've got the cash already! I don't care what you think!", right? No, he most certainly did not, he actually did the exact opposite. He immediately went on video, contacted the community and humbly apologised for what had occured, publicy eating a large slice of "humble pie" in the process. He blamed himself, no one else. "Hey, Enstein, there's a third reason you're avoiding, those game mechanics, all this damn jumping-one shot-no scope-strafing routine!". Pardon my French, but that claim is complete and utter bollocks. Were there any gameplay videos released showing in-game action of "Battalion 1944"? We all know there was, tons of it was made available to us, with class acts like Phantasy and Shroud strafing, one-shotting and jumping all over the maps and everyone was "frothing at the mouth" for some of that "BATT44" action. In other words, ladies 'n' gents, "Battalion 1944" does "exactly what it says on the tin". Are the mechanics perfected yet? No, they need more work. Are the map layouts perfected yet? No, they need more work too. All this will take more time and a lot more testing, it's "Early Access" time and that's what it's for. The vast majority of our Clan now own "Battalion 1944", we're here for the "long haul". To those like-minded players I say this, it's time to "buckle up" because the road we're on will get a lot rougher before we finally reach that "polished tarmac". To the haters? Only you know why you do what you do and what you you hope to achieve by it. However, I promise you this, my Clan will still be here, long after you've gone off on your next hate-filled excursion. Good riddance to the lot of you.