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  1. 4:3

  2. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    637 - wanna sink as many hours as i can into this before EA comes out:d
  3. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    Never said it does, and it's a nice gesture. I just find it very unlikely they would with someone they don't know & whose ability they have no way of ascertaining.
  4. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    if they can produce formal qualifications (actual work as a translator or having translated another game) then sure. The problem lies within the unverifiability of it all - if they could proof-read it themselves they wouldn't need help, but if they get help they can't proof-read it themselves
  5. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    don't think they'll be accepting help from random people on the internet, at least I hope not, that'd be the epitome of unprofessionalism. Even if they did, they'd have to get someone to proof-read and potentially correct it, who would logically also be able to translate it themselves.
  6. Please don't over-design the maps

    Post EGX Rezzed Pre-Alpha Changes: Visual Fidelity/Environments: We have always gone into making Battalion with the intent of making it look as great as it can without compromising gameplay. One of the most important aspects of classic games is their performance and clear and clutter free visuals within their level design, so we decided to take the route of opting for smooth gameplay and high frame rates over performance hampering visual effects. Our aim was to create a game that feels fluid to play and we feel like we have achieved that. In short; we’re retaining gameplay essential characteristics such as clearly visible players; smooth. high frame rates and overall reducing the amount of clutter within the levels. There may be some lighting and post processing tweaks but the video was pretty representative of the direction Battalion is taking; performance first. Our intent of prioritising performance is working out well as our frame rates on EGX’s supplied PCs hitting 144fps easily and when unlocked reaching over 300. High focus on performance is transferring well over to the console test builds too, and we’re expecting high results from the console version of the game. Note: User Interface and third person animations were ALL work in progress. c+ped from BigTuna from the EGX thread
  7. What about the maps

    we've been playing the same maps ad infinitum for over 10yrs, why on earth would you want them recycled? one of the most exciting prospects of this game to me is some hopefully awesome new maps to learn
  8. Rezzed play test discussion thread

    guess I'm in the minority of wanting red dots. I don't fancy getting wallbanged, teammates asking me "where?", having to go "don't know", and then have them be out of pos for the rest of the round. Same scenario would take place for pretty much every scope kill, and would make it a guessing game rather than adjusting your pos/movement after your opponent's actions. Would also increase the amount of mindless prefiring, and imo it could be argued it would increase camping (or perhaps a better way to put it would be that it'd decrease peeking, at least for defense side). Would of course also be a pain for every public game you play w/o comms. No stethoscope gaming pls.
  9. 4:3

    For some reason, I can play cod4/cod2 in 4:3 with a res of 1920x1080 on my native 16:9 screen, but newer games either don't give me the option of 4:3 at all, or only offer it at a lower res (have to go into nvidia panel and set custom res to get 1440x1080 in csgo). What's it going to look like in bat?
  10. Reinforcements System

    solid suggestions, I'd rather have an extra bomb site than an extra bomb though.