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    I played CS and besides that I hate it to not have ironsights I don't like it, the movement, the feeling while playing, CoD fits me more in that case. And I think there is a certain difference in gameplay, weapons and movementwise between those two games. You are right that promod plays different, but also not equal to CS. And yes CS will propably be the biggest competor to Battalion but I doubt that the core playerbase and the majority too will switch the game and so Battalion has to build its own playerbase! For that there are lots of players out there, those who love the oldschool shooters but they don't want a game like CS. If they will like a game with lots of coulorfull unimmersive weapons I'm not sure about, but they sure don't want a CS clone! I get the point and agree, for now I don't have the perfect solution, but I don't think that it should be the casual majority to be attraccted with this game, rather a consistend playerbase of passionated gamers which keep the game alive for years. It has to have a good, compelling and challenging gameplay for that and not skins or something achieveable to keep players, otherwise the game dies if there isn't coming anything new to the game. I just find it ridiculess to see someone walking around with a coulorful gun, especially in a historical setting. Yes in heat of action you won't notice it most of the time, but in killcams and walking aside teammates you can see those guns and that puts me off. And yeah propably I'm a special kind of player, I even get annoyed of players in Battlefield for example using a gun which the country you play as would never use in service.
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    The gamemode is similar in a way, but also quite different. But CS and CoD are two very different games gameplaywise and mapwise. Sure the overall idea is similar but the execution ingame is different in my experience, and movement is only one example for this. And so far I know this will not be a CS inspired game!? Yeah I am, but as I said, I'm fine with skins, when Bulkhead chooses to have them and the game itself keeps me staying! I just don't want to have a copy of CS! And I believe the majority isn't always the best to look at, then we should have a game like the modern CoDs or Battlefront! I even suggested an own kind of skin! Just want it to look worthy and not that cheap like in CS.
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    My 2 cents to this topic, I don`t like those flashy, crazy skins, which obviously don't fit in such a setting. Even in CoD they distract me and I really think it is ridiculess to run around with a pink, red, blue or even gold skined weapon. Thats also something that kept me from enjoying the newest entries in the CoD series, it's way to coulorfull and immersion breaking. Even Battlefield 1 has some skins which are just way to unauthentic and I won't even start talking about Battlefield 3 and 4. I really don't like such skins and it puts me out of the game, propably because I'm a player who enjoys it to get immersed and sucked into a game. Anyway I get that skins are a usefull way to get money in for further development after release and I am the last person to deny such an option! So if this is the way Bulkhead wants to go, so be it! I hope the game and gameplay itself will make up for it and for now I'm pretty confident and got big trust into the developers! Maybe I could even make a wish for a skin/s?! Steampunk inspired skins, with pipes, copper, brass and all such things. I believe that would look awesome and if there are people with pink flushy guns running around, why not me with a weapon with pipes on it too!?! Just to mention it, this isn't CS and in my mind not even close to CS! This game is a totally different game except the competetive attitude it's aiming up for. And yeah, I know most comparison is going into the skin things, but I think CS has gone way to over the top with them and they don't look that good actually. So I don't believe that Battalion needs such a system like CS rather something with it's own style which is compareable and that will make it unique again! greetz Tyranno PS.: Sorry for any mistakes, english isn't my first language. PPS.: This is also my first post, so don't be too mad pls