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  1. Oldboy

    Hell Let Loose - new WW2 game

    HLL is shaping up really nicely.
  2. First person POV from The Victory Show 2017.
  3. New video from YWE 2017.
  4. Battle was slightly scaled back this year and we got mixed with the brits. Highlights from GCR2017.
  5. I'm heading to Normandy with another group this weekend to portray the 82nd A/B 508th PIR for the week. We were originally going to do a roughly 50km march in full kit. However with the heightened security in France due to the terrorism we are having to do a cut-down version.
  6. Looking for something to do this coming weekend? Open invite for any who wants to come along and see WWII Airborne troops in action. The 82nd Airborne 505th RCT will be present this weekend (2nd - 4th June) at GCR 2017 near Leicester. The group will be in and around Quorn (home of the 505th before they jumped into Normandy) the entire weekend with the battle re-enactment taking place (Sat - Sun only) at Rothley Station at 3PM. I won't be attending myself as I'm heading to Normandy this year with the 508th PIR. Watch last years battle below:
  7. Oldboy

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Looking forward to getting stuck into it.
  8. Waiting for the right event to do that kind of filming at the moment however we do have a new video...
  9. New video. Recreating the style of footage from shot by the signal corp in Normandy.
  10. People do it for various reasons, personally I just think it's important to keep the memory alive as many of the vets won't be around for much longer.
  11. This. Can't just rely solely on trying to appeal to a handful of egoistical former promod players.
  12. Oldboy

    Call Of Duty (2017)

    I I'd like to see it also, but because the Russian gaming market is so huge now they would likely get butthurt about it.