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  1. I I'd like to see it also, but because the Russian gaming market is so huge now they would likely get butthurt about it.
  2. Reddit's Karma system is cancerous and stifles fair debate.
  3. Yeah, but think of all that dosh they can make off egotistical CSGO players.
  4. They can't comment on every single anal detail right now. Just relax.
  5. I'm very dubious of this card system idea at the moment as it was described, it also depends on if they go with a simple random or more complex "democratic" system for the weapon classes. I can already see problems with a "democratic" class card system. Also not entirely keen on the delayed spawning system for the losers. It's a great incentive not to lose, but my god is it going to be a kick in the balls if you do. Have to wait and see how these ideas are developed a bit more or how they play if actually implemented into the Alpha.
  6. Alpha isn't even out yet and shitters are already turning this community pretty toxic. Calm your tits and be a bit more respectful guys.
  7. Thanks. Lots of stuff planned for the year. I have a new first person POV camera I'll be experimenting with so should come up with some even better footage.
  8. Don't half read some funny stuff on this forum sometimes...
  9. I'm sure these servers will pop up. A bit of carnage didn't hurt anyone.
  10. So while I wait for Battalion I'm also getting myself hyped for the 2017 re-enactment season. The rattle of real M1's and Thompsons trumps any game honestly. Feel free to check us out. I'll post future videos in this thread as the year goes on.
  11. Could be scaled back slightly, it makes the original COD look slow at times.
  12. While such a mechanic is realistic it's highly unlikely it will be implemented into Battalion 1944. While other more realism focused games have done this it would likely just annoy casual and competitive type players.
  13. Does need some more visual (animation wise) recoil. The M1 looked like it was firing blanks. As to actual recoil I'd want to try it first as others have said, but a bit more vertical recoil wouldn't go amiss.
  14. @Farq-S What did the M1 animation look like if you reloaded midway through a en-bloc clip?
  15. Was happy to see that it looks like they added Lockbars onto the M1 making it WWII spec, shows that they are taking the feedback on board thankfully. The aperture sight is comically massive, but most games do for visibility.