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  1. Nah no thanks, less bullshit the better honestly.
  2. For the love of God no.
  3. Just something to consider. It was a pretty wet and overcast during the month of June of '44. So try to avoid making every Normandy map bright and sunny.
  4. Hello gents, Just wanted to give some feedback to the Devs on the newly released screenshots showing off the updated U.S Airborne models. One of them is shown wearing a Musette pack, but this model has a few issues. 1. T-Handle shovel attached to the back of the M1936 Musette Bag The T-Handle shovel should not be attached to the back of the M1936 Musette Bag. Simply because it cannot be done on the type of Musette Bag used during the Normandy period. This could only be done on very late-war models that this can be done but not during the Normandy period. Typical OD3 Musette used throughout the war (Left). The OD7 Transitional Musette also started appearing Normandy onwards in limit numbers (Right). As seen these Musettes lack the holes for the T-Handle to be hooked on. M1910 T-Handle shovels and the M1943 E-Tool were worn on the belt (pistol belt / cartridge belt). It's normally best placed on the side of the hip so it's out of the way when you run (see below illustration). I think whoever modelled this may have been confused the setup worn by regular infantry who wore the M1928 Doughboy Pack. 2. Jump Rope The main function of the Jump Rope was to allow a trooper to drop himself down from a tree or similar tall object he was stuck on. However once on the ground these were simply thrown away because it's dead weight. Why carry around a heavy rope? Post-jump you are hard pressed to find any photos of troopers carrying them for this reason. It's a very cliche thing that's often seen in popular culture and bad re-enactment. Bonus Normally a good idea to pull the pin out of grenades lol. (Pin and spoon should be missing) M1 Helmet is missing bales and strap I covered problems with the Helmet in this thread: HERE Anyway, cheers guys. Bottoms up!
  5. Remember guys, you need to pull the pin before you throw them. Tsk Tsk. lol
  6. I live and breath this stuff so it wasn't hard to spot. I've seeing a number of issues with the release of the new footage and screenshots. I'll do another write up later when I'm off work.
  7. Model issue, not animation issue.
  8. Just wanted to give some feedback on a glaring issue with the M1 Helmet in the new screenshots. As seen below The M1 U.S helmet is missing the bails and strap to the outer shell entirely. Below is what it looks like on a real example. These are "D" bales, the most commonly seen bale type on Paratrooper M1 ("D" Bales helmets are often called M2 Helmets) Helmets during Normandy. Due to shortage some were Fixed Bale, but all helmets should have bales. Below you can see the Bales and the Helmet Liner. Note the A Frames and Chincup are attached to the liner (which is obviously removeable). I'm holding the chincup / A-frames up to show the difference. With a 1/4 "Brit net". The commenly used net at the time of Normandy and beyond.
  9. Not realistic for a studio of it's size.
  10. Interesting to see the face of Westie, not how I imagined him.
  11. Americans didn't fight against the waffen SS in the early days of Normandy, it was the British and Canadians that saw action most of the action against them in the East of Normandy. If the devs are still planning on doing Battle of the Bulge maps then you could include them.
  12. Not really a fan of aimpunch. If an opponunt is already hitting you then they already have an advantage over you, aimpunch just adds further insult to injury really.
  13. I don't disagree, my only worry is that due to balance we end up dull and watered dull versions of the real life counterparts and boring "meta".
  14. We'll see how it pans out. Both weapons are beastly and if not balanced correctly that magical "meta" you speak of just translates as they could make the other weapons redundant if players have the freedom to pick whatever they like. Similar to how games like Battlefield can turn into a shitfest as everyone Jimbob thinks he's Vasily Zaytsev wants to play Recon with a scoped rifle. Sometimes limitation can lead to more rewarding and balanced experience even if it goes against the idea of "muh freedums to play how a like".
  15. I actually like the idea of certain weapons like the BAR or STG44 (if ever confirmed) being pickups randomly placed around the map and that way they can be a little OP. The original Call of Duty had similar pickups