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  1. Just somewhat of a quick feedback on whats seen in the video. Remember this is really really pre-Alpha. This is my Quick feedback, if you want to discuss it or post your own go right ahead... but keep a good tone. And remember it's pre-Alpha. So first off... -Hit indicator. I have always been against it and will always be. Why? Takes away from the skill. You known if hit someone if he dies. -Hipfire. The hipfire seems way way to accurate. Even when running and shooting someone at 25 meters it looks extremely accurate. -Pacing. Overall abit to high on everything. The movement speed, strafing, time to kill... all seem just a tiny bit to fast. -M1Garand. Firerate is way to high. Now for some positives... -Map layout. Looks really good and though-out. Abit to small for my taste. -Weapons look great. Can't wait to try them out. -Movement. How the movement works in general looks really fun.