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  1. Kickstarter campaigns have a time limit, this one ran from february 2016 to march 2016. When the time is over (usually 30 days) and the project met its funding goal whoever put up the kickstarter gets the money pledged, if it doesn't the project receives no money.
  2. You either have to wait for early access or buy someone's key.
  3. Yea people do that, that's why developers tend to keep quiet for as long as possible. Running a semi-public alpha at all is a risk most aren't willing to take. There are people who have already written this game off just because they released pre alpha gameplay footage.
  4. It leaks, people play it, they hate it because it runs like shit and crashes every 10 minutes, the game loses a ton of potential customers before it even reaches early access.
  5. Performance, crashes, input, balance, there are plenty of things which are either rarely captured or don't translate well on video.
  6. You won't need to crack the game to play it offline, nobody torrents a game like that to play it offline. The reason the alpha can't leak to the public is that first impressions matter and the public's first impression should be a sturdy build and not some alpha client with a bunch of placeholders which crashes every 30m. A few leaked images is not the same as a leaked build everybody can play. As long as a steam login is required to play the game it doesn't matter whether the build leaks.
  7. The main thing would be testing the movement and exploiting the maps, that stuff takes time.
  8. Keep in mind that the keys haven't been sent out yet before you give anyone money.
  9. The game will have to be LAN compatible, so no ownership checks offline. The NDA can somewhat efficiently stop people from posting content about the game since you can trace where it came from and even if something leaks it's not all that much information. If the entire build leaks it'll be impossible to trace and absolutely everything is public.
  10. I presume the security concern goes something like this. There's no point in creating a true offline mode since there is no singleplayer, it would just be wasted resources, so 'offline' play would just be a locally hosted server. Unless there is a second verification layer in game (again, wasted resources), that would mean that anyone who has the build could play the game, ownership isn't checked because offline you wouldn't connect to the steam servers. Hence someone could just leak the build to the public and anyone could play it offline. Making sure that won't happen is too much work for an alpha phase lasting two months.
  11. Take what's good and leave that what isn't. I'm fairly sure you are using some stuff CoD2 didn't have. Is subframe input/framerate independent input something you are looking into?
  12. So we have established that they have pointed out more than enough that the game had competition strongly in mind and the game was first announced on cybergamer, a site for competitive CoD2/CoD4 and the devs cited promod as a strong influence already back in the kickstarter days but none of that matters because they didn't name drop partners they didn't have yet. Alright then. You also don't need third party competition sites to host tournaments or ladders, afaik all the popular mobas make do without them. And running tournaments costs quite a bit of money, so does continued development.
  13. "all packaged into a competitive multiplayer environment" "Join a Battalion and compete season to season with BattleRank, our global competition system." "BattleRank’s highly tuned stat tracking system enables Battalion 1944 to go beyond the standard mould of shooters gone by and enables players to compete globally for rewards, glory and honour." "Battalion learns from the skill based gameplay of classic competitive shooters and merges it with the stunning visuals that our team can produce, utilizing next-gen techniques such as motion capture, physically based rendering and photogrammetry to make Battalion a truly next gen competitive shooter." "BattleRank competitions." "Compete in regular challenges ranging from seasonal to quick fire hourly objectives to earn rewards and extra XP." "Tight, focused, competitive maps. Battalion's maps will be designed around our team based infantry combat. The map locations are inspired by real world battlegrounds of the allied campaign and blended with competitive layouts of classic shooters that focus on balance and competition." "Make your platoon known for being the deadliest, most effective, or the most active platoon, receiving unique rewards and raising the bar of competition." "Battalion is designed to be a great LAN game to compete with or against friends locally with our classic and easy to use server browser." "Competition is at the heart of Battalion, maps are designed with different game modes and server sizes in mind. Whether you like to run and gun in a Deathmatch arena with 16 players, or rifle it out in a robust competitive layout with smaller and more focused team sizes, all playstyles can and will be catered for." "BattleRank is our global competition system." "Below is an explanation of how BattleRank works and how it's unique to Battalion, encouraging competitiveness and teamwork." "Competition and Scores. When you play the game, your score goes towards your Battalion. Your Battalion is constantly competing against every other Battalion in the game." "Whilst all the Platoons in one Battalion are part of the same team, they are also competing within that Battalion" "it's an extra option for players that wish to compete together as a team against other teams." I agree, it was almost impossible to tell that this game had a competitive focus, the term esports didn't show up and synonyms don't count.
  14. Do you just search kickstarter campaigns for keywords or do you actually read what they write? They don't have to mention the term esports when half of the campaign lays out the competitive focus of the game. They first announced the game on cybergamer for god's sake. What qualifies as an authentic and realistic artstyle is down to the individual, if you don't like fancy skins, don't apply them to your guns, considering the rest of the artstyle is still pretty realistic i think calling it authentic is perfectly fine. I'm fairly sure some folks modified their guns in ww2 in interesting ways as well.
  15. Skins were always planned and microtransactions do no harm if they don't affect the gameplay. The term esports may not have been mentioned, however there are 21 variations of the word compete.