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  1. Iranian IP Limitations?

    You guys can probably host your own servers and then connect via IP, should work.
  2. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    Taking away a sniper's ability to be used in cqb in general is like trying to fix a dent with a sledgehammer, you go from one extreme to the other. There is an issue when you can hipfire people easily, which means that you have a high damage output without any restriction to your fov, basically how a shotgun works. This can however be resolved by greatly increasing the hipfire radius, like CS does and increasing the scope in time. Having a reversed damage drop off for snipers is something BF1 did and i regard that as one of the worst ideas in gamedesign history. It encourages an overtly defensive playstyle and takes a big part of the skill involved in playing scope away, which is trying to make it work out of position. In BF1 it's even more terrible for reasons which don't apply to this game, won't get into that though.
  3. Where’s my key..

    The price was lowered so the game will be able to compete with others in the genre, it wasn't lowered to give Kickstarter backers the middle finger. If they hadn't done that this game wouldn't have a shot at all at gaining a large audience and instead of having paid a little bit too much you would've lost the entirety of your investment. You'll get some extra things as compensation, there's not much more you can ask for.
  4. Game rating

    If you are allowed to play CSGO then you should be fine, if you aren't you might have a problem. But the game's release is some time away, so you might be 17 by then and with online marketplaces being so easily accessible i don't think your parents have much of a chance at stopping you from buying a game if you really want to. Ideally you should try to seek a discussion with your parents and explain to them that the appeal of a game like this one, whilst it does include violence, has nothing to do with glorifying it and that the depiction of violence is merely visual representation for gameplay mechanics.
  5. Few Ideas by jackis

    None regenerative health means that you don't really need to think about attacking someone because any damage is permanent damage, with regenerative health you need to make sure that you down the guy you take a shot at, which makes it arguably more strategic. Also every fight is 100hp vs 100hp, making it more likely that the better player wins. I don't think encouraging spam and chip damage makes for compelling gameplay. And what stops the m1 player from one tapping you without regenerative health, he only needs one shot after all.
  6. Discord

    Public discord: https://discord.gg/x4yVu88 If you want access to the alpha discord you'll have to PM Big Tuna or me with proof that you have access to the alpha.
  7. Wallbang's

    When you can get wallbanged through a corner whilst holding an angle your gun should be sticking out beyond the corner. So at that point what are you even doing.
  8. Nice idea. IRC is a bit dead by now, but we do already have community discord here https://discord.gg/x4yVu88 I'm sure we'll be able to set something up there.
  9. Battalion 1918!

    Counter strike hasn't had a sequel in 5 years and probably won't have a sequel for quite some time. UT isn't even competitive anymore and wasn't predominantly developed as a competitive game. On top of that the business model of competitive games isn't the same as what it was 10 years ago, the funding now mainly comes from cosmetics so it makes a lot more sense to continue development on a game. Unless this game completely dies there won't be a successor for the next 5 years minimum. Which competitive game out there has a successor every <3 years at the moment?
  10. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    No, weapons which kill in one shot and require no aim are OP. Throwing a cooked grenade at someone's feet is about as easy as it gets, unless i have to get a direct impact i will manage to hit that 9/10 times.
  11. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Reducing the range won't change much about it being overpowered since you'd use it to peak someone anyways. Reducing the damage makes it either useless or it stays overpowered, as long as it's a one hit kill it's OP, if it isn't it's pointless. The unpinning sound won't change anything either since it would get drowned out by other sounds in the early game and late game it really only gives you a short heads up that you are about to get destroyed since you can just cook the grenade from cover and then briefly peak. What are you going to do? Run away and then get shot in the back? You also don't know where the player is going to throw the cooked nade, he could just throw it any random place to clear it and you wouldn't have any time to react because you wouldn't even have a reason to think that that nade is meant for you. Or you could just run whenever you hear someone pulling the pin, but that gives your position away and will probably force you in a worse position. Regardless of how you change the balance of cooked grenades, they remain a cheap way to get a kill/clear an area/force a reaction or they become irrelevant. It's a bad mechanic with a very low skill ceiling and it won't add anything positive to the game. Nobody is asking that they copy promod nades, who are you talking about? The problem of promod nades was their range, not that they explode when hitting the ground, you can look up and dodge them. You can't stop nades from exploding right before they land, that's just a matter of the angle you choose. Wouldn't help you either because by the time the grenade lands on the ground you don't have time to run anymore anyways, because if you did set grenades would become completely irrelevant.
  12. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Feel free to elaborate on how you can balance cooked nades and why this is a mechanic worth having.
  13. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Not so much fun to be on the receiving end of that cooked nade. There are few things which are as infuriating as getting killed in a video game by a mechanic which requires 0 skill to consistently pull off and has no counter.
  14. General Suggestions - CoD2 Vet

    Cooking grenades is a bad idea because they are way too easy to use, essentially free kills. Being able to throw back grenades ruins a lot of stratnades and the ability to flush out an area. The player shouting when a grenade is close to them gives their position away, the sound you make as a player should be controlled by yourself. Boltactions would become useless compared to any other weapon in the game if they required a headshot to kill. The weapons need to be balanced with the other weapons in mind and since this game inherently has a low TTK the bolt action needs to be able to get kills consistently before getting hit twice, else it would lose all engagements at short to mid range by default. Getting headshots at long range would be pretty hard as well since the game is fairly fast pace, so really it would bring so little value to a team the meta would simply change to a full AR/smg lineup. You could increase the ttk over all, but that wouldn't mix well with SnD.
  15. hi my name is machine

    Absolute legend