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  1. Wallbang's

    We are adding wall bangs - but only to specific materials in areas of the map we've designed in. For example: boarded up windows etc
  2. Battalion 1944 Bless you

  3. Cod1 vs Cod2 (textures) (example pictures)

    Hey Rit, We've already researched and had fun on this version of the map being CoD2 fans. The problem with the second map isn't just the textures like you suggest, it's the design. People think opening every window possible and adding interiors to every building is a good idea. For large community servers this is great but for competitive play there are way too many angles to worry about and check for 5v5. More cover means more camping, which slows down play even further as you have to clear out every single angle in the level. Not a great experience for players or spectators! Luckily in CoD2 you could have fun on almost any map because the core mechanics were so great in the first place. Competitive though? I'm afraid not. We're 100% taking influence from more 'simplistic' 3 lane / figure of 8 map layouts found in classic FPS games.
  4. How would you react?

    We made (not game ready) female Russian sniper character models for the stretch goals trailer, but it never went further than that in development. We'll look into it again post Early Access release!
  5. Unique

    Hey, We are not a deathmatch game! We're focused on fast paced 5v5 Search & Destroy as our core competitive mode. We're also working on a completely unique 'economy system' that will add an extra layer of depth to the mode. Welcome to the forums!
  6. Humble Bundle backers who haven't received keys

    Hey, 99% of Alpha players have received their Alpha keys. We've been working hard to make sure everyone has had their Alpha access codes sent. This absolutely does not excuse the fact you've been missed by us and is not right that this has happened to you guys. I'll direct message you both (Reflex and Division) right now. We'll make sure you're well compensated for this. Anyone who's reading this, and has either pre-purchased through Humble Bundle or backed an Alpha tier, submitted their survey BEFORE may 23rd and didn't receive Alpha access, please send another request to @[CM] BigTuna.
  7. CLOSED ALPHA IS UNDER A NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) General Discussion is NOT the place to discuss Alpha/Beta and will be removed. By downloading the Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha, you've agreed to adhere to our NDA rules. This means nobody is allowed to share videos/pictures/media or discuss the game outside of the following three channels: We have THREE core ways to interact with the development team and other community members during the Closed Alpha. 1 - Official Battalion 1944 Forum Bug Reporting We have a forum Bug Reporting system in place. Please report bugs on the official forums, in as much detail as possible as your primary source of bug reporting. You can access the official forums here: http://forums.battaliongame.com/forum/23-test-zone/ Note: If you are a Alpha pre-purchaser, you need to be invited to the Alpha forum by [CM] Big Tuna. Please private message him on the Official Battalion 1944 Forums with full proof of your Alpha pre-purchase through either Kickstarter or Humble. If you have any game breaking crashes (crashes to desktop etc) these will be automatically sent to our team to investigate. 2 - Invite Only Closed Alpha Discord Use the Closed Alpha Discord channel provided with your survey Q&A to join the minute to minute discussion and join up for play with other Alpha community members. Fast chats and quick discussions will be held here. Don't expect bugs to be fixed if posted in the alpha Channel Note: If you are a Alpha pre-purchaser, you need to be invited to the Alpha Discord by [CM] Big Tuna. Please private message him on the Official Battalion 1944 Forums with full proof of your Alpha pre-purchase through either Kickstarter or Humble. 3 - In-Game Bug Reporting So you can quickly and effectively report bugs in-game. I still haven't received my Alpha key? Firstly, please check your Kickstarter reward tier included Closed Alpha access. Beta and Early Access are NOT the same thing. If you are 100% sure you're an Alpha pre-purchaser, please check ALL spam folders, including your promotions tab. After triple checking and following these steps, please private message [CM] Big Tuna on the Official Battalion 1944 Forums with full proof of your Alpha pre-purchase through either Kickstarter or Humble.
  8. Not having acces to the alpha section on the forum

    As others have said please DM @[CM] BigTuna with your proof of purchase and say which Tier you backed on Kickstarter or if you pre-purchased on humble. This may take a few days as he has alot of people to get through! Thanks for your patience.
  9. Alpha Streaming on twitch (solved)

    Marked as Solved & Locked
  10. Please stop creating new topics over and over

    'Just use eyes'
  11. Just a though

    Just read this at half 12... gonna sleep ^^ Big day tomorrow!
  12. What does it mean to be a "Friend of Bulkhead"?

    This + others who have assisted with development in some way. They have access to the Closed Alpha forum. Some more than others! For example @OllieJT is our very valued web designer People who make big contributions to the community will also be rewarded with the title in the future.
  13. Hi all. I'm frankly

    "Hi all. I'm frankly..." I thought that sentence was going to continue Welcome aboard!
  14. Design idea for the new homepage

    Will pass this on to @OllieJT
  15. Alpha 0.1 Times

    We need to track multiple things like concurrent player counts every week etc before expanding the play test times. Remember our Alpha player pool isn't huge. Nothing worse than booting a game to find zero servers populated. The first weekend will be very busy but we expect the concurrent player numbers to decline each weekend down to the hardcore few who really want to help test Battalion and not just play. We want to keep servers busy during those play tests, so limiting the times makes sense right now. We can look to expand later!