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  1. [DEV] KingHoward

    Constant crashes steam denied refund

    What's your exact issue? Any error messages for us to work from? Not being able to get into games may be to do with the time you're searching as you're based in NA. I'd suggest searching at peak times?
  2. [DEV] KingHoward

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hi Battalion players, I'm KingHoward and I'm from the Bulkhead Interactive team working on Battalion 1944. I work on everything from art creation & level design to marketing & management. We're the guys working on Battalion 1944, so we'll drop by here regularly to say Hi to our new forum members. We'd love to get to know our forum members, so if you would like to introduce yourself to everyone here, this is the place to do so. It also helps us know you're not a robot A few ideas to help get you started: -What's your name? -Where are you from? -What are your favourite videogames? -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Tell us here! If you would like to read our post on forum rules and FAQ, you can find that HERE