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  1. [DEV] KingHoward

    Constant crashes steam denied refund

    What's your exact issue? Any error messages for us to work from? Not being able to get into games may be to do with the time you're searching as you're based in NA. I'd suggest searching at peak times?
  2. [DEV] KingHoward


  3. [DEV] KingHoward

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    This is not a CoD2 clone. This is not a Cod4 clone. This is not a CS/DoD clone. This is Battalion 1944. We are not going to pander to just one community - we take inspiration from ALL the great classic games and merge in needed features such as MM, rankings etc) from modern games. We aim to give a shared home to the FPS players who were abandoned by mindless modern shooter design and left behind by profit seeking publishers. We can share that beauty of the old school skill based shooters with the next generation of FPS players. I don't think any other developer is in the position to take the risk we took in developing this game. We didn't expect a huge playerbase - Thankfully 100,000 people signed up to play our beta and the future of the game is looking bright as we head into Early Access. Regardless, thanks for trying out our game. CoD2 and promod will always be great and you can still play them with their tiny communities - but if Battalion gives you any nostalgia for the glory days of FPS - you can choose to support us or not on February 1st.
  4. [DEV] KingHoward

    Nerf to Horizontal Jumping & Accurcy (Discussion)

    We work fast My post was after the update went live. Not worth putting out another large update just for a relatively minor tweak and allows people to feel how it is intended to work and make judgements based on game play! @DEMZZ Of course other more long term development changes can be made throughout Early Access (ie Animations - but they take a long time!) - but this change is a positive balance that needed to happen anyway before we hit Early Access. Should reduce complaints whilst also keeping the high skill reward of a jump shot.
  5. [DEV] KingHoward

    Nerf to Horizontal Jumping & Accurcy (Discussion)

    I think you guys are massively over estimating the affect of these changes. The update sounds much more drastic than what happens during normal play. The aim of all of the combined changes was to combat the fact that the most (and some would say only) viable option to counter a player who is holding an angle would be to strafe around a corner and hit them mid air with a single rifle shot, without even being scoped, giving the angle holding player no time to react. This is because of the following reasons: 1] Online peekers advantage - This exists in ALL games. Unless you are playing on LAN the peeking player will get a millisecond advantage over the player holding an angle, simply because their client performs the action which is then sent to the server and then back to other players. It is important to consider this when talking about these balance changes. 2] In the Beta build - it was possible to be 100% accurate before you could even be fully iron sighted in ADS. This meant in air quick scoping was extremely easy to do for any player of any skill. We've done testing and tweaking internally - and we've since reduced the in air inaccuracy to the point where you are now only 100% accurate just after you have fully iron sighted. This means you are 100% accurate just after the moment you have gone fully into ADS - even in the air. Timing is now incredibly important. The 'inaccurate' period is during the transition to ADS - which increases in accuracy throughout the transition from 0-100%. If you shoot during this exact period your shot will be inaccurate, meaning players can no longer shoot with pinpoint accuracy immediately after strafing a corner with the angle holder having 0 time to react. If players do decide to shoot during this pre-ADS period - they are taking the risk of their shot being inaccurate - putting them at a disadvantage for doing so if they miss their shot and have to re chamber their weapon. 3] ADS speed was too slow for certain classes to be able to shoulder peek corners. Jiggle peaking a corner is now more viable for all classes - meaning you don't have to strafe jump as the only way to counter someone holding an angle. BOTH are still VIABLE options - the only difference is that an explosive strafe jump play is fully committal and you must time and hit your shot. Shooting too early before being fully aimed down sight will punish that player. This increases the skill ceiling for rifle players. 4] SMG is supposed to be an up close and personal weapon - at max range the SMG does 13 bullets to kill. It wins in the close range engagements it's supposed to - however a skilled rifler can still have that chance to ADS and flick shot them - as long as they can aim their shot.
  6. [DEV] KingHoward

    Little disappointed with BETA length "Kickstarter Backer"

    All early adopters (humble and kickstarter) will recieve an extra 'thanks' from us Have you signed up for the beta? beta.battaliongame.com
  7. [DEV] KingHoward

    Sensitivity questions for the devs.

    Yes they will be the same
  8. [DEV] KingHoward

    Little disappointed with BETA length "Kickstarter Backer"

    Beta backers have been able to play since Closed Alpha v0.4? Alpha and Beta backers have been shaping the game with us for a few months now! If it's any consolation - many people will be very jealous of your beta keys. We're always looking for more feedback
  9. [DEV] KingHoward

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hi Battalion players, I'm KingHoward and I'm from the Bulkhead Interactive team working on Battalion 1944. I work on everything from art creation & level design to marketing & management. We're the guys working on Battalion 1944, so we'll drop by here regularly to say Hi to our new forum members. We'd love to get to know our forum members, so if you would like to introduce yourself to everyone here, this is the place to do so. It also helps us know you're not a robot A few ideas to help get you started: -What's your name? -Where are you from? -What are your favourite videogames? -Where did you hear about Battalion 1944? Tell us here! If you would like to read our post on forum rules and FAQ, you can find that HERE