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  1. Welcome
  2. Hey guys! It’s been a long time since we ran the Kickstarter we’ve shown gameplay, and for very good reason. We’ve been completely and utterly gutting and rebuilding the unreal engine to mimic the gameplay feel of old school shooters and maximising performance to ensure our first ‘pre alpha reveal’ is representative of what our sights are for Battalion 1944. With that being said… Today we can announce that next week we’ll be showing gameplay for the first time since the Kickstarter! This will allow all our backers to see the game before Closed Alpha in May. This should help clear up some misconceptions about what the game is and how we’re going about nailing that classic game feel. We’ve recently been testing the ‘base game’ with some super closed playtests with pro level Call of Duty 2 players and gaming press, making sure the BASE GAME feels good to play. That’s what our aim is with sharing this footage next week, to show you guys how the game plays. We feel we’ve got to that point where we’ve completely modified Unreal Engine to feel like a classic FPS with 1 to 1 movement and aiming mechanics. A few key points to consider before next week are: Third person animations in this build are in a very early state. We have much more fluid anims already working in engine which are currently mid-implementation, coming in before the closed alpha goes public. User Interface is still a work in progress, there’s a lot of placeholder assets in there. However you can see how we are aiming for a simple UI with minimal clutter. We still have a way to go! Which means we’re still looking for your valuable feedback next week. Our second MASSIVE announcement is that Battalion 1944 will be available for an early playtest at EGX: Rezzed, 30th March- 1st April at the Tobacco Dock London, UK! More awesome news is that we’re bringing the Battalion 1944 Pre-Alpha build to the Tobacco Dock in London for EGX Rezzed 30th March -1st April, so that gamers will be able to test Battalion 1944 offline before we jump online for the closed Alpha in May 2017. A few of the key Bulkhead team members will be at the event to play against and chat to, including Joe, Tuna and myself (Howard!) aswell as some of the Square Enix Collective team! Feel free to come and say hi and talk about Battalion, we don’t bite! That's it for news until next week. I Hope you’re hyped for next few months, I know we are! Thanks, - KingHoward and the Bulkhead Team
  3. We've been reading the forums, taking on feedback and have been working towards this over the past year. It has been tempting to throw all of UE4's visual effects at the game but in reality, we're making an old school shooter where visibility and game play is above all else. So we've been working with the design ethos of having visibility as a high priority for Battalion's map designs. You'll be able to see an example map in action soon!
  4. Online play isn't stable enough yet and we're still working on it, which is why Closed Alpha is in May, everything is there... it's just not ready yet! Soon! We can however bug/playtest on LAN servers, and EGX is a great place for us to do that.
  5. Just a heads up, bit of miscommunication, video content is coming NEXT week* Small mistake there, we're still putting out a kickstarter text update today though! Update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bulkheadinteractive/battalion-1944-pc-xb1-ps4/posts/1838458
  6. Hey guys, Fully appreciate that you're concerned about the direction of the game but reading your post I feel you've been worried based on comments from highly vocal community members. We have PRE-ALPHA gameplay coming out very soon. This means there will be unfinished and placeholder animations/UI etc but you will be able to gauge the direction we're heading towards with the game rather than trying to imagine the game from different users posts and comments. I won't debate specific points such as the non competitive nature of nade cooking or spray patterns (we'd rather read constructive debates on the forums between members and pull valuable informations for us to make informed final decisions!) but I'll write a few bullet points to help summarise and clear up some generic goals with the game that are relevant to your concerns. 1. We ARE aiming to bridge the gap between casual and competitive play. We talk a great deal about competitive play as we our goal is that competitive 5v5 Search and Destroy is the main 'focus' for players who want to take the Battalion experience to the next level. These players will put 1000's of hours into mastering the game, so it's VERY important to us that we refine that aspect of Battalion to make it a solid gameplay experience, hence why we talk about this aspect of the game so much. However, this does not mean we aren't focusing on making the casual side of the game fun and engaging for players with zero interest in playing to be the best. We're still developing our casual modes TDM, DM, CTF and experimental modes for quick 'jump in and play' games as well as implementing a dedicated area of our UI for our server browser, allowing server customisation, modding, custom maps etc. 2. We are not a 'WW2 CSGO clone'. This keeps cropping up around the forums but it's simply not true. Our game plays totally different to CS, however CS is one of the longest lasting classic FPS with elements that should be at least considered for discussion. We've looked at old school FPS game to create or own game (albeit with a bias towards CoD2/CoD4 Promod as a base point for certain design decisions). The most important thing to remember is that Battalion is it's own game, with that classic FPS feel we all know and love. 3. We read your concerns! We're making an active effort to read everything our backers/supporters share on the forums. This includes all the opinions on microtransactions and skins. One of our main goal is to be able to make future content free and accessible to everyone with OPTIONAL microtransactions. One of the unfortunate downsides about us being transparent with our intentions and the benefits/detriments of potential routes we could take by discussing with you guys directly is that misinformation gets spread easily. We often float out ideas to gauge the reaction to help us make informed decisions. This is where we need a certain level of trust that we are gamers ourselves and also want this game to be the best it can be without degrading the core experience. Every business decision is under extreme scrutiny because we as FPS fans know the pitfalls other developers have made. At the end of the day, the game will speak for itself. Like I said, we have pre-alpha gameplay coming out VERY soon so everyone will be able to make more informed comments very soon. The game is obviously still in a VERY EARLY state with unfinished animations/UI but it should be a good representation of the classic game feel we're aiming for. Even better, you'll be able to experience it during closed alpha bug testing this May!
  7. no, it's already passed
  8. Oh dear you can see how ill I look in this gif haha. Damn cold. UI is still work in progress, glad you like the look of the main menu! We'll have a more detailed breakdown at some point.
  9. Yes, there are shotguns and they will be included in competitive play
  10. It was under NDA, however feedback has been generally positive (accepting of the fact it was pre-alpha). Just from this small amount of focused feedback on the movement/feel etc, We can improve a lot before Alpha to make the experience better for everyone. It wouldn't have been fair or representative to our backers to release the game online in it's current state, it's something we could really only test on lan at this stage with the devs on hand to fix crashes/take notes etc. It was more about checking we're heading in the right direction FOR alpha without the stress/pressure of an online release. Very happy with the feedback we received. We'll be posting more details in our next update.
  11. Friday evening Remember this is for very early bug testing and not an actual 'reveal'. Stuff will be semi-broken and unfinished! Pre-Alpha We want feedback before showing you guys and the entire public the game we all want
  12. dedicated server

    We've been sorting our server configs and getting them ready to be hosted with Multiplay and testing them. It'll be a few weeks before we're at that stage (we're busy with GDC, Forgotten Soldiers LAN and actual development atm) but a couple of weeks after we can start tweaking server control stuff and I'll be more likely to be able to let you know around then. However, I can estimate that because we're running 'Alpha Test Weekends' it's unlikely the server files will be available for Alpha. However I know we'd like to test running of community servers before Early Access. There's a grey area because Multiplay will obviously want to charge for server hosting yet we wouldn't want people to be paying for servers they couldn't play 24/7 etc. This reminds me, I remember very early on in the forums you made a large post with server config ideas and requests to make your life easier, would you mind DM'ing me that thread? It'll make it easier for me to communicate with the programming team exactly what you're after. Cheers!
  13. So our first and 3rd and 1st person crouching animations sync up perfectly so they can't be abused in this way by headshot angles. We're planning on implementing as CS:GO style 'delay' if you spam crouch too often in one spot.
  14. Haha, that's our Greek environment artists Alex Korakitis sitting in Joe's chair. Follow him on twitter for random NSFW tweets that we totally do not endorse https://twitter.com/MrAngryWhiskers And then myself and Dave Jones (Designer) in the background totally oblivious to the photo being taken...
  15. We're heading as BYOC gamers, been to the last few! Nice break from development over the weekend every few months. When it comes to the right time we definitely have plans to have Battalion at Insomnia in some form in the future