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  1. Will pass this on to @OllieJT
  2. We need to track multiple things like concurrent player counts every week etc before expanding the play test times. Remember our Alpha player pool isn't huge. Nothing worse than booting a game to find zero servers populated. The first weekend will be very busy but we expect the concurrent player numbers to decline each weekend down to the hardcore few who really want to help test Battalion and not just play. We want to keep servers busy during those play tests, so limiting the times makes sense right now. We can look to expand later!
  3. We wanted/still want to add female snipers when we introduced the Russian faction stretch goal
  4. Fixed
  5. Yep, it'll just take a while to sort everyone's information manually and transfer everyone over. Give it time!
  6. Locked thread, not much useful discussion happening here
  7. Single player will be fun Wondering where they will take the franchise next year for CoD 2018
  8. Hey, So @[CM] BigTuna isn't a dev, when you guys ask questions he turns around to us (he's sat behind me) and ask us the questions you guys want answers for. We're super busy and don't tell him everything in detail or the explicit reasons we decide to do things, so attacking him for just relaying tid-bits of info for you guys isn't cool. However, spreading misinformation isn't cool either (from both ours and the community standpoint) so that means we may have to be more tight lipped about these things from now on until we're ready to make official announcements as people get outraged pretty easily. We've said before it's one of the downsides of being open/raw about development. It's a balancing act we're still working on refining In terms of the actual main questions of this thread, everything we do is for the benefit of the game. It'd be great if we could just let everyone just hop straight into the game whenever they wanted, but the reality is that this would be bad for the game and the community. Joe's listing out some reasons next to me right now to explain some things literally as I'm typing this reply, so I'll let him carry on from what I'm writing, but we'll have a full schedule released soon explaining what we'll be testing, when we'll be testing and how everything will work. It's very important we do this right, and introducing things slowly to you guys will be much more beneficial for the game and development in the long run as we'll have more time to fix the large glaring issues and you'll actively see improvement and new content week to week. This is a very small closed alpha player pool and we need to make sure we maximise the amount of players during the testing periods to make sure we get the most effective feedback based on the latest weekly builds of the game. We have always said Alpha/Beta sessions are not marketing tools like modern Alpha/Beta sessions for AAA studios which just let you play a demo of the game before it's out, they're for helping us test and build the game we all want to eventually play as our main game we play every night. Hope that clears up some answers. More official info will be coming soon.
  9. We haven't released our planned Early Access date yet as we want time to polish the game enough through Alpha/Beta testing before we launch. This doesn't mean there will be no bugs and broken features during Early Access, it just means we want to be happy with the base of the game before launching on Steam.
  10. We've talked about this internally. It is planned for a future update, not the initial alpha (other higher priority items to be done first!)
  11. Much love <3 Comments like this keep us going
  12. Me Too
  13. We're running 'Alpha weekends' and we'll be focus testing different new modes/maps/weapons each week. Expect a VERY basic version of the game. Search and Destroy is being worked on with some unique twists, so can't comfirm just yet, it will 100% be tested BEFORE early access with pros and the community however. Just remember: Alpha isn't a marketing tool for us, we need actual bug testing etc. We'll have a full breakdown on Kickstarter of Alpha content closer to the Alpha date. - Howard
  14. Hey guys, Just got back to our Airbnb after the busy 1st full day at the event and my feet are killing, so just dropping in to read through all these posts. Some great feedback/comments from you guys with only a few namecalls earlier in the thread so we're going pretty good so far! As a heads up, the next few days will be pretty hectic for us and myself Joe and Tuna will be swamped, so just letting you know at some point next week I'll write up a summary post with some reactions from us about the feedback etc. It really is useful for us to hear what you like and dislike about the game, I know some things are down to actual game feel so if you're unlucky to not be at EGX there are certain things you just can't get from the gameplay footage just yet but Alpha is just around the corner. Everyone who has played so far has got that the game is in pre-alpha, super WIP. But the key thing is that we have the base that we can build upon with polish, bug fixes and more content. In general, development is still early but we're at the point where it's all coming together, so we can get more 'smaller' dev updates out to you guys and get everyone more involved than ever before. Thanks for you patience these last few months, you guys have been awesome. Anyway, need to get some sleep. If anyone is heading down to EGX Tomorrow/Saturday, make sure to come early, queues can get long! - Howard
  15. Welcome!