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  1. Hey guys, I finally found some time early this morning to introduce myself more formally! I'm Joe Brammer, I'm the Executive Producer at Bulkhead. I am primarily the business guy! But I'm also an artist, I helped make a large portion of the Battalion prototype. I grew up playing, Call of Duty 2, BF1942, Enemy Territory at school, Counter Strike, the lot! So I'm so glad that Battalion is finally being made. I can't wait to get back to the feeling of playing those games! I'm more excited than you! There's a lot of work for us ahead and the team and I will be very busy. However, I wanted to make sure you guys knew how to get in contact with me. If you want to catch my attention, tweet me @Brammertron as I check my twitter often. If you have something more private you want to chat to me about or want to offer some less public support, email info@bulkheadinteractive.com it's not just a bottomless pit, myself and others check this and if you specifically ask for me, it will get to me! I want to answer all your questions! However, I'm sure you want me to be working on Battalion too! So keep posting, keep building this community, and keep backing the kickstarter/raising your pledges! Thanks everybody! Joe
  2. Competitive map picker

    No, we have the opinion if there is an issue with any of our competitive maps, then we need to address it and fix it. Not allow certain maps to just become stagnant because players don't practice them as much. Reality with CS is that it has many great maps, but they never get used because players are very afraid of change. Bramm
  3. Lots of people message me, one more wouldn't have hurt. I recognise people and give them keys. Check your inbox. Thank You. Bramm
  4. Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.
  5. Humble Bundle sent me here - NO EARLY ACCESS

    Hey Slammer, can you DM me you email please! Joe
  6. Sign up for Closed beta access

    Who told you it was random.
  7. Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    I mean, it would matter if you got like 300fps in any game, it's just science lol. It will change things, but... we cap at 200fps and there is no sweet spot below that. However, like all other games, animations are played at 60 frames per second, so if you have 30 frames per second you will shoot slower.. No way around that, but a new PC Bramm
  8. Alpha gameplay

    That's because I used the weapon scaling option. You can make it look normal
  9. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Haaaa, this is awesome. The marketing campaign starts soon, but to be honest it'll kick off on release day more than anything, we're saving all our traffic for day 1. Just share everything we post that's all you can do. Thanks bramm
  10. Well its the end of the month no updates

    Shut up... I think it's quite clear the developers do care about you, they're busy making your game. @the rest of the community; apologies for lack of communication we're super busy. The game is getting close to finished! Lots to show!
  11. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    You're wrong. We didn't add it back in because it was too difficult to communicate to players and for new players to replicate. If new players can't learn how to play the game at a high level, how can you expect them to stay around and continue playing the game. We can add what bugs we like thank you! And this one, I believe, we had a very good reason; not just for long term growth but for long term sustainability. Joe
  12. For consoles: aim assist

    Hey guys, I wanted to see your opinion on aim assist! Personally, I think it's something console gamers need more than they think. They've been conditioned to use it and Battalion will have a lot of one shot rifles compared to current shooters on console. This means spray and pray, although it has its place, will only be part of the firing mechanics in Battalion, you'll have to use precision a lot more as well. Anyway, let me know what you think. Joe
  13. Price Strategy

    You'll all be happy with the price, trust me.
  14. graphics/maps (not too dark/grey)

    Yeh, we said this to Days of War very early on and commented on this, we (I) just got abuse for it... We know what we're doing with this stuff However; you can change the brightness and gamma of shadows specifically yourself. We give you the control
  15. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    You are wrong. IMO. Ha, its not the laziest way of doing something, its just a feature we don't like, and that's a fairly agreed with opinion from the community. The act of cooking and throwing a nade means I could airburst it in a room and the person couldn't escape. Joe
  16. Update the textures

    He's KIND OF right, it doesn't if the game forces players to load all textures first (downside long load times) if the game has texture streaming (which most do) then it loads them on the fly (downside, fps lag when loading textures bigger than VRAM or using too much VRAM) Also; I don't really care about this thread because players can customise their colors in Battalion anyway. Your mistake is thinking old school is having bright colors, when actually old school is allowing players to control their colors as long as there are no game play advantages and its purely personal preference. Joe
  17. CD Keys - Phases of project

    Hi Dave, I'm looking at the email sent directly to the email you supplied to us. You received 10 keys on May 25th at around 3:30pm BST. I have just re forwarded you the email. Please check the email you supplied to us, which is also the same one you registered with on the forum. Thanks Joe
  18. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    Great post, FEEDBACK IS EVERYTHING. Also worth noting; because you don't like something, or you aren't good with something, or you had a bad game with something... and then we don't change it... doesn't mean we aren't listening it just means we have bigger plans. Weapon balancing for instance; there are like 9 other weapons to come in yet.. Certain guns are less powerful in certain situations and maps. Enjoy fragging guys! look out for the [DEV] Tags.
  19. Supported languages

    Alpha will be english but in the future most common languages will be covered.
  20. 1 Key each for early backers?

    This wouldn't be fair to people who purchased 1 key!? Your friends should have backed as well! Joe
  21. How would you react?

    We did it way before Battlefield, the russians.
  22. Capture the Flag (with 5 Flags/Locations)

    Check these guys out; http://store.steampowered.com/app/454350/agecheck# Cheers! Joe
  23. Changes

    Oh yeh there's a lot thats changed, but not like masssssively. The animations have been redone, but they 'look worse' at the moment, but they are actually better lol. Much better on performance, the next step is to make them work for a competitive environment.
  24. Alpha 0.1 Times

    Freakshow knows. Revolutions take time, planning and patience.
  25. Filmtweaks?

    It works the same was as COD4, except you can currently hold backspace and hide the settings menu while you're in the menu so you can preview your changes. If you look in the top right it says "custom 1" thats your profile, we have a couple of presets, but there is also a cfg file that you can change, share, and modify outside of the game. The settings are not per map, that's too much control and we don't want to give out the ability to keybind color commands because now we're getting into a very sketchy way of doing things, so there will be no console key binding. Joe