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  1. We said no economy as in cash for guns. But we do have a new unique way of playing search & destroy.. in a CSGO meets COD4 meets Hearthstone kind of way.
  2. We're working on something, but for the love of god, please please please, stop suggesting the same CSGO features lol. I thought I loved CSGO a lot, but now I realise what a huge CS fan you are lol
  3. It may take 5 mins, but if you only have 5 mins spare its taking up a lot of time! Everyone is balls to the wall right now, even the girls in the studio, thats how hard we're working.
  4. We're aiming for 1080/60fps ... However... BF1 isn't 1080p/60fps... it's between 30 and 45.
  5. I'd love to see the modding community do something like this, but I think this is more of an Arma thing
  6. Hey guys, myself and @[DEV] KingHoward would be really interested to hear what you guys think about Loot Crates & Weapon Cases. So we're thinking about the long term sustainability of the game and trying to keep the experience not only continuing but growing. Running servers, ranking systems, match making (yes you can still have dedicated servers), and other systems in the game, costs thousands of pounds/dollars per month. This is something we've always been planning for, but it's something we're actively trying to find a solution to. We're also looking at how we can price the game, a lot of people have an issue with paying £29.99/£39.99/£49.99 for the early access/beta/alpha version of a game made by independent developers. Despite the size of our studio having absolutely nothing to do with the quality of our game, we acknowledge that some people have had an issue with it; that said, none of them are here because you guys all clearly see the value in Battalion! Loot Crates and Weapon Cases can be accessed in two ways, when you rank up we will give you a free drop, but you will also be able to purchase extra cases and crates for around £1-£1.50 / $1-1.50. This is an optional part of the game, you can still enjoy the classic shooter style and feel, you can still enjoy the old school style and you can still play the game to its full potential without engaging in weapon drops. You could potentially, get every single unlock without ever spending money. To get every single one it would take a lot of time, but you don't have to ever spend money on this if you don't feel it's justified. This is something we feel is important. It's important that you read this next bit: We have absolutely no intentions of making anything like this a requirement, we 110% will NOT be introducing any gameplay changing items that you can unlock in the game. The money from these crates and cases goes towards running the servers and costs of the game. WE WILL NOT BE CREATING BRIGHT PINK STRIPEY WEAPONS. Even though you can buy loot crates, you will have to continue playing for your weapons and equipment to wear as part of the 'War Torn System'. Example: There are about 3 different types of Thompson that look similar, have the same ADS, and have a similar silhouette. You would be able to unlock different variants of the Thompson without any of the gameplay side changing. For many people, myself and Howard included, crates and customisation gives us a reason to continue playing the game. From a Battalion stand point, every time we introduce a new faction we can introduce new customisation sets such as a different type of helmet of a melee weapon like brass knuckles. It gives players individuality and a reason to continue trying to grind up through the ranks of the game. The gameplay is totally unaffected by this, but we wanted to know your thoughts before we made any concrete steps towards putting this in Battalion 1944. We more on board with modding than ever, we are looking into esports heavily, and we are looking at ways to give Battalion a long life. Battalion is an old school shooter, not a WW2 shooter, so we're trying to keep to our old school roots and blend it with the things that work in modern shooters. Let us know what you think and keep an open mind. We'll be reading all the comments here, provided they're civil and written well! We want to know exactly why you don't like or why you do like something :D! Community, GO!
  7. 8GB of ram should be good for Battalion.
  8. Hey Soldat, I think your worries are probably valid! I appreciate that you care as much as we do about Battalion, I think we can see that and have seen over the last year, so thank you for that. @Tiptup basically said everything spot on and I really appreciate you coming in and saying that! I'm very busy but I wanted to respond and weigh in on the Pro vs Casual player issue; first of all, you are trying to speak for everyone, but you are not. There are a lot of people who DO want things like skins. People have different opinions of the game. Our way to deal with this issue is to support modders and make it as easy to mod the game as possible. Our technical director has had a big focus on ease of use in our engine. Our previous titles and every other UE4 modifiable game, requires you to download a custom version of UE4 AND the games project file, both of those can be pretty big. We're keeping our game file as small as it can be and if you want to mod Battalion 1944, you WONT need to download a custom UE4 engine, you can just use the regular engine straight out the box! We'll also be actively speaking to modders and supporting them over the next few years. We're pro more content, I know the ET guys really want some ET stuff in the game that we aren't supporting right now, but that doesn't mean that it won't be in Battalion in some form and we won't help them do it. From a casual point of view, we acknowledged that every single person on the forums wants something slightly different and comes from a different community, someone will always have a bit of disappointment we didn't do something. Adding a feature from one game make break another feature from another game. So we have to be selective. We're choosing to focus on the competitive mode as a COD2/COD4/CSGO hybrid. We're then actively supporting competitive growth of the game with support from ESL, CSGO pros & casters, and COD pros and casters. The casual side of things will still exist in the game and that part of the game will still grow and we will be supporting it, but we'll be helping guide the community to build great mods in the same way that Arma works. So you can have the refined experience you want. With that said^ our casual mode is still totally good. We're looking at implementing an objective game mode maybe Christmas 2017. So there will still be a good game in casual. Also; skins can be turned off, you don't have to play with them on, so you could see the regular weapon textures and play without any issues. Joe
  9. There are lots coming that you don't know about that we do.
  11. This thread has ended, to everyone else thanks for your help. @ToonBE please stop endlessly suggesting CSGO features. Myself and Howard are both CSGO players, been to lan, played competitively, we've been playing CS 1.6 since we were 11 roughly... We are fully aware of the features in CSGO. Please stop trying shout above people who have other ideas of different games; COD4 isn't skillful because of its aim its skillful because of its movement and clutch moments. Our job is to play lots and lots and lots of games in our own time mostly and break them down as much as possible. We are not stuck in one game. If you are expecting WW2 CSGO then I want to save some time and promise you that this will not be happening. We have a lot of things from CSGO being implemented but Battalion feels and plays similar to Call of Duty 2 and 4. You've given us a lot of useful information to discuss and you're one of the people who suggest very valid points for Battalion but most of the time, we've already done it or considered it because its a CSGO feature! " You need to make the game as difficult as possible " - Really? do you really think thats the best way to encourage as many players as possible to come and play Battalion 1944 and not Overwatch, CSGO, or another shooter. Battalion is its own game and doesn't need to mirror CSGO a currently successful shooter that doesn't need replacing. We're trying to make the alternative competitive FPS to CSGO, seeing as their currently isn't one. We won't succeed by making the same game. @xXclusiivE I understand where you're coming from and I think I've demonstrated I share your frustration, but it's important to remember that CS as a whole has always been considerably more successful than COD so we have to take into account why that is. We think we know what that is at its core, its the economy system that makes it interesting to spectate and interesting to play 30 rounds of.. By round 17 of COD4 its getting a bit repetitive.. We're redesigning S&D to work on a more competitive level on a bigger scale, not just ran by a community, supported by a developer, ESL, and a publisher. You guys both want the same f****** thing to make sure Battalion 1944 is as good as possible and fits nicely into the genre. We all want it to be successful. As developers we really want to see your suggestions, we genuinely do read everything even if we don't engage or reply, sometimes we just watch to see which way a suggestion goes within the community. But your points get lost when you're being hostile to someone else. Thanks for both your suggestions, but lets just relax, everything is tweak-able and changeable, we know what we're going into alpha with and we'll let you know what we want feedback on then. Joe
  12. Hey FrosteR, yes we do have this, but not in Team Deathmatch.
  13. Team select page is a placeholder for sure, everything else is getting closer to final. Thanks Joe
  14. To be honest the recoil is super easy for us to tweak, its literally just a group of numbers on an axis, so I'm 100% sure we'll change it multiple times throughout alpha and through early access as well until we find a balance we're happy with. Joe
  15. The war torn system is pretty cool and fits into a competitive system from a rank point of view, but I'll admit it has been put on the back burner. It was one of my favourite little features, but although its no technical challenge for us, it might not fit into where the game is going. We're having to manoeuvre around some pretty big FPS games doing similar things and we need to fit into the FPS genre comfortably, so things like this have been put on the back burner for now. Joe
  16. Haha, we're laughing in the office that this is a thing, it got written off day 1 pretty much, so we've never even discussed it as an option hence the weapon sway confusion.. FrosteR what do you think about ADS sway on the snipers?
  17. Right I now see what you are saying, we call this ADS sway in the studio to differentiate from when you move left and your weapon moves slightly. Yeh we don't have this Dave the gameplay programmer/designer removed this early on. Sorry, this was never really in Battalion, but we had a big debate about weapon sway when you move left and right and your weapon moves ever so slightly. Yeh this isn't even a debate lol, we definitely don't have this lol..
  18. Hi FrosteR you misunderstood what I said about 1tap/burst... That was what CSGO are TRYING to do, not what we're trying to do. We want our SMG's to be random but small coned spray and we want our rifles to be pinpoint, then you have aim and spray. It means there is something for everyone. The most important thing with the spray is that you're literally just describing CSGO that game already exists? Why would we try and make our weapon control similar to theirs but with a different pattern? It's a different type of game where most of the time you can't ADS. We don't want people to spray across an entire map because they know the spray pattern. What you're talking about with gunsway is ADS gunsway, however I triple checked in COD4 promod this morning after I checked last night before my previous post... it 100% has weapon sway !?! You're wrong on this point bud. Are you maybe thinking about headbob? Because Promod does remove headbob. Don't forget we play and test A LOT of promod and we're some of the only people in the world that have the promod source code that was given to us by ingramz himself, he was super helpful.
  19. Well actually, our questions and tests show that the majority of people *DO want to see the crazy skins even in WW2. We spoke to Ubisoft about Rainbow Six Siege and they said that their biggest mistake was not doing the crazy skins earlier. Like I said, it's all being debated currently and not everyone is a fan of it, so if this is the path we chose, we would make sure you could switch it off. Then everyone could get the experience they wanted? That sounds fair right? Thanks Joe
  20. Performance on the 970 isn't going to be 333 fps or anything lol. Again, this is still in development and by no means a final statement; but we're open and honest. Right now high end PC's on mostly full settings can get 250fps constant, mid tier we're aiming for 125fps on low-medium settings. Low tier we're aiming for 60-90fps on low settings with possible res changes. UE4 games run much better on SSD's as well! Joe
  21. * Our recoil randomness is pretty small, but like I said, we focus those classes around movement instead of aiming. They have uses in certain situations but it also gets people who can't aim as well into the game. Joe
  22. We have a better idea to be revealed in the coming months.
  23. So do we, and everyone, and infact there's a few singleplayer WW2 games coming out this year.. You will be spoiled for choice! But you need a lot of money and a lot of time to give it the treatment it deserves, we're focusing on competitive play and multiplayer. Thanks Joe
  24. Froster, I know who you are, so I massively respect your opinion, are you in our ex-pro players group? If not I'd love to get you invited. On this topic; Weapon sway: Promod does have weapon sway, you're wrong. When we say we have weapon sway, we have a very similar amount to COD4 promod, so its pretty minimal but trust me when I say, when there is 0 weapon sway, to most players it looks weird AF. Don't forget we're comp players we play on super low settings, minecraft mode etc, I actually play CSGO on 4:3 square so we are totally aware of keeping the game as minimal as possible. But weapon sway exists in COD4 promod and we have the same amount, to be sure.. I just booted it up and checked. I have a feeling you might be talking about something else not weapon sway? Let me know if I've misunderstood? Random Recoil: CSGO is about pinpoint aiming so they have spray patterns and they're actually trying to get rid of them more and more so that people use 1 taps and they have more 'Scream' type players. It's better for spectators that way. COD4 is primarily about movement, you say if there is random spray patterns then there's no skill? We're building a team game where more than just 1 guy with a gun matters. Battalion has 1 shot rifles and snipers for the precision aiming. But for the movement side of things we have the SMG type classes with the thompson and the MP40. Yes the recoil is random, but those classes are about positioning and movement, not about aim. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Joe
  25. We're considering all avenues right now, dropping the fidelity is one avenue and everything will become apparent eventually right now we've got to keep some cards close to our chest. Joe