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    Game's Dead guys..

    Adze is an interesting fellow. Thanks for linking me to current players, it was 1,100 last night so we're pleased It sucks we went down from day one of 19,000 but we were never expecting that many. Now we now there is a clear place on Steam for Battalion, we just need to fix the issues. Thanks for spending your time updating us on the stats, we appreciate you putting in that work. We're really busy here so it's good that someone can do that for us. And thanks for the 134 hours / 5 days of your entire life you spent playing our 'ded gome' we appreciate your support and sorry you feel negatively about the game. Cheers for feedback all! Joe

    Game's Dead guys..

    By posting on the official forum for the game and constantly engaging in discussion, you are in fact showing that the game is not dead. Less than a month into early access and you're still interested in being a part of the community, even if you're being negative Congrats on keeping Battalion alive and kicking. Oh, in your opinion if its dead, should we just stop working on it? Not reinvest any profits? and start keeping the money for ourselves? Because you said its dead right? Or should we reinvest and spend a year building a sustainable FPS game?

    Game's Dead guys..

    Still got a year of development to go.
  4. To be clear, you’re quoting a YouTube video from Phan saying it’s impossible to feel the same. Not an official statement from the dev team!


    Whilst I'm sure @[CM] phantasy will appreciate your suckuppery. I think you'll find there are an entire team of people here that know a lot about Call of Duty and grew up playing COD. Phan has good ideas and bad ideas, just like any game designer. Bramm

    Competitive map picker

    No, we have the opinion if there is an issue with any of our competitive maps, then we need to address it and fix it. Not allow certain maps to just become stagnant because players don't practice them as much. Reality with CS is that it has many great maps, but they never get used because players are very afraid of change. Bramm
  7. Lots of people message me, one more wouldn't have hurt. I recognise people and give them keys. Check your inbox. Thank You. Bramm
  8. Stop being salty. If you had just asked me for a code I probably would have given you one because you've been here a long time, but it turns out you're just pretending not to be a salty regular gamer. Sort your act out, don't get upset. We're managing a release of a game here not baby sitting people, if my phone dies and I'm late tweeting for your because I'm working my ass off so be it. Here's your code, hope someone doesn't take it; 63EMA-D5X0G-KH9NZ "what a great way to start the project" I've worked until midnight two nights in a row then back at 6am. I don't care if you aren't happy because you didn't get an alpha code. There is no line for 'order of who gets special treats first'.. You get me followers so I can promote the game, then you have a chance of winning a beta key. This is how I talk to people who speak to any developer on my team without respect. Support us and we'll bring you a great game, make us feel like crap and you're burning the fuel we use to finish this thing. Bramm.

    Humble Bundle sent me here - NO EARLY ACCESS

    Hey Slammer, can you DM me you email please! Joe

    Sign up for Closed beta access

    Who told you it was random.

    Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    I mean, it would matter if you got like 300fps in any game, it's just science lol. It will change things, but... we cap at 200fps and there is no sweet spot below that. However, like all other games, animations are played at 60 frames per second, so if you have 30 frames per second you will shoot slower.. No way around that, but a new PC Bramm

    Alpha gameplay

    That's because I used the weapon scaling option. You can make it look normal

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Haaaa, this is awesome. The marketing campaign starts soon, but to be honest it'll kick off on release day more than anything, we're saving all our traffic for day 1. Just share everything we post that's all you can do. Thanks bramm

    Well its the end of the month no updates

    Shut up... I think it's quite clear the developers do care about you, they're busy making your game. @the rest of the community; apologies for lack of communication we're super busy. The game is getting close to finished! Lots to show!

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    You're wrong. We didn't add it back in because it was too difficult to communicate to players and for new players to replicate. If new players can't learn how to play the game at a high level, how can you expect them to stay around and continue playing the game. We can add what bugs we like thank you! And this one, I believe, we had a very good reason; not just for long term growth but for long term sustainability. Joe

    Price Strategy

    You'll all be happy with the price, trust me.

    graphics/maps (not too dark/grey)

    Yeh, we said this to Days of War very early on and commented on this, we (I) just got abuse for it... We know what we're doing with this stuff However; you can change the brightness and gamma of shadows specifically yourself. We give you the control

    How is the sound/nades in this game?

    You are wrong. IMO. Ha, its not the laziest way of doing something, its just a feature we don't like, and that's a fairly agreed with opinion from the community. The act of cooking and throwing a nade means I could airburst it in a room and the person couldn't escape. Joe