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  1. He's KIND OF right, it doesn't if the game forces players to load all textures first (downside long load times) if the game has texture streaming (which most do) then it loads them on the fly (downside, fps lag when loading textures bigger than VRAM or using too much VRAM) Also; I don't really care about this thread because players can customise their colors in Battalion anyway. Your mistake is thinking old school is having bright colors, when actually old school is allowing players to control their colors as long as there are no game play advantages and its purely personal preference. Joe
  2. Hi Dave, I'm looking at the email sent directly to the email you supplied to us. You received 10 keys on May 25th at around 3:30pm BST. I have just re forwarded you the email. Please check the email you supplied to us, which is also the same one you registered with on the forum. Thanks Joe
  3. Great post, FEEDBACK IS EVERYTHING. Also worth noting; because you don't like something, or you aren't good with something, or you had a bad game with something... and then we don't change it... doesn't mean we aren't listening it just means we have bigger plans. Weapon balancing for instance; there are like 9 other weapons to come in yet.. Certain guns are less powerful in certain situations and maps. Enjoy fragging guys! look out for the [DEV] Tags.
  4. Alpha will be english but in the future most common languages will be covered.
  5. This wouldn't be fair to people who purchased 1 key!? Your friends should have backed as well! Joe
  6. We did it way before Battlefield, the russians.
  7. Check these guys out; http://store.steampowered.com/app/454350/agecheck# Cheers! Joe
  8. Oh yeh there's a lot thats changed, but not like masssssively. The animations have been redone, but they 'look worse' at the moment, but they are actually better lol. Much better on performance, the next step is to make them work for a competitive environment.
  9. Freakshow knows. Revolutions take time, planning and patience.
  10. It works the same was as COD4, except you can currently hold backspace and hide the settings menu while you're in the menu so you can preview your changes. If you look in the top right it says "custom 1" thats your profile, we have a couple of presets, but there is also a cfg file that you can change, share, and modify outside of the game. The settings are not per map, that's too much control and we don't want to give out the ability to keybind color commands because now we're getting into a very sketchy way of doing things, so there will be no console key binding. Joe
  11. It's still pretty buggy, but its in there. These are basically the controls you were given in film tweaks. Controlling gamma, contrast, and saturation. Joe
  12. Ha, thanks for pointing that out seekax. We do have plans for a timeline, but when we're a bit more stable. Right now everyone is too busy to make a timeline. But we do want one. Joe
  13. You'll have a lot of visual control of colors yes.
  14. We're releasing an update today explaining what to expect. But you shouldn't expect an EA/Blizzard level beta or something.. This is a REAL alpha test, there are problems, there are unfinished things, and there are frustrating features missing. But you'll be able to help us test networking early on and start to test the movement system, is it too fast etc? For the first few alpha weekends, it will be TDM. We have a lot of other game modes done, but there's still a lot of work to go into them to make them externally ready.
  15. E3

    Please don't post responses if you don't have facts. all will be revealed soon.