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  1. I have no idea why you think yes, you have 0 information on the matter because we've never said anything about it this is how bad information spreads! my actually answer; we've ordered a 16:10 screen today because of this post we'll take a look but I doubt it will be a problem, just a bit of testing our end joe
  2. RAFF has indeed supported us from the beginning and been an important member of the community, Tuna notified me and Howard this morning of your post hence why me and Howard stopped what we were doing and responded at the same time We appreciate you listening to our reasons and appreciate your support. Also; after seeing Call of Duty's announcement, maybe you can see why we decided to make some decisions
  3. There are reasons for maps having basic textures, see CSGO's flat wall design. The Mp40 is being reskinned. Please please please, stop referencing prototype levels that don't exist anymore! Read the forums for a bit then start posting You'll see we've made a lot of progress.
  4. And we haven't denied that! We've openly said our direction has changed, we also still support the community that want to play without skins. Joe
  5. People care about this game, that's why there frustrated and rightly so. If we change something or decide to do something we will always have a reason for doing so and it will always be for making the game a better experience. We don't want people to play the game twice and say "that was fun" we want people to finish playing the game after 5 years and remember how frustrating trying to rank up was but how rewarding it was when you finally got there. Joe
  6. Tuna is doing his job and liaising with the community. If you think we're not saying legitimate reasons, that's on you. Because we certainly do have legitimate reasons. I'm one of the main people behind keeping the alpha windows short and sweet. We want to test things with a large group of players, we want to hammer the game when you guys are on and we can't do that if we have 50% population or even lower. Also, after a couple of weeks people might and probably will show less interest in the alpha and helping us test, if we keep the windows short we will be more likely to grab people's attention. We take our alpha very seriously, I'm so impressed that our community has cared this much about the game and I'm always touched when we get people passionately asking to play the game, because really that's all your asking right? Let us play the game! But trust us, we know what we're doing, every decision we make here is for the benefit of Battalion in the long run. Lots of games rush to the finish line and try and get things out the door. Without offending any developer, I merely think their methods didn't work; Days of War and Dirty Bomb, both games had big open alphas where people could just play the game all the time... feel free to go and check their player counts now. Both polished and complete games, but neither lasted much more than a month. Now if you look at; Quake Champions, they've been doing private weekend alpha sessions for a few weeks now and it's been very good and super fun; however even at peak times we've had to wait 3 to 4 minutes to find a game. Concurrent players are a luxury and players don't realise the significance. Look at these statistics: http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Rainbow 6 Siege: 1.8m steam users own this game / Highest Peak concurrent players; 45,000 (2.5%).. Based on that ratio: Battalion has around 6500 players in the alpha / Peak concurrent players 162 (2.5%).. So those numbers obviously aren't exact AT ALL or even that useful, but they get the the point across; that just because you want the game to be open and available at all times, doesn't mean everyone agrees and will be ready to play at the same time as you. I also understand you want to jump around and practice or even test locally but we want to have you guys hammer the game on the weekend then discuss the issues and possible fixes (for balancing) throughout the week, we want to have active discussions in the week and then apply changes in the next alpha weekend. Joe
  7. We did actually reject modern rendering techniques to be fair... But that was because there was 1ms of frame lag, most people don't notice but new COD's, Battlefield's, Assassin's Creed etc etc, they all have it.. Just the people playing don't notice, those of you looking for an old school game realise it's uncomfortable and doesn't feel great so you don't play it.. This is 1 of many reasons why. @Razor I understand your frustration, but we fully anticipate your clan to play on the modded community servers, not the official servers. We intend to support the modding community 100% and have already started by making a simple easy to grab editor. No other Unreal game or any game in fact does what we're doing with modding. This way, you guys get to play a game that feels like an oldschool FPS but without any of the parts you don't want, and if there are some adventurous mappers out there, some bigger maps too! Joe
  8. We haven't said yet, but this discussion is frustrating so I'll drop a hint. We're experimenting with some flashy skins that are tied to WW2. I'll say no more. But its cool as shit if you're into WW2 stuff and if you're into flashy skins. Again; experimenting.
  9. Extensive research from Activision, Ubisoft, EA, and Valve that we've correlated and read will show the following; 1. Most gamers find skins cool 2. Gamers don't care about 'realistic skins' different woods/metals etc 3. Gamers want their skins to be flashy and boisterous, its part of the showmanship of gaming, especially in FPS games. 4. The people who don't want skins, are actually a minority. 5. The reason people are scared of the word 'skins' is because they subliminally connect this to Black Ops 3, mainstream console gaming, and excessive in-game purchases- even though these people complain, they usually end up A. not playing the game and reviewing it badly or B. enjoying the skins and the bravado of having unique weapons. So whatever your opinion; for the drama queens "YOU'LL RUIN THE GAME YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING"... Well.. we do. We're quite good at this. There is the information, enjoy.
  10. I really like silent jumps but the problem is its super glitchy and buggy. It's not even like a feature that might just be going to far. No fall damage or noise on vault is a thing though.
  11. We are working on something like this potentially for the SMG's/shotguns ... but unsure yet.
  12. It's awesome when I can just keep working on the game because our community are so switched on. I ratify this information. Don't be too upset about people making new threads about things, people want to know answers, and when people re-start threads, we always see new discussions and answers. As a dev team, we've never been upset about people opening new threads about old subjects. Joe
  13. I mean, we have most of the weapons done, but its about balancing the game.. Battalion is going to be rolling out content slowly, not rushing anything. Joe
  14. I do like this, we've actually already been looking at it.. But admining it can be a problem, will let you know how it progresses. Joe
  15. To tag big tuna you need to include [CM] same with [DEV] for me and Howard. What a great idea, I understand how difficult that can be and we wouldn't want you to trash the quality by downloading from youtube and recompressing/uploading! @[CM] BigTuna lets try and sort this out this week, find a way to get people content through a press kit. Thanks a lot for the suggestion. Joe