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    Be wary of Sam Brown (Sam Lockton)

    Hi all, This is to let you know that SAM BROWN AKA SAM LOCKTON AKA FROZ IS STILL ACTIVE, AND THERE IS PLENTY OF TRUTH TO THE CLAIM THAT HE IS A SCAMMER AND DOWNRIGHT SHADY/UNPROFESSIONAL. Do not trust whatever he says. I hope this serves to prevent any damage done. Here is the latest story: I am volunteering for an eSports organisation in which Sam aka Froz was part of the leadership team. He came across as arrogant but otherwise there were no known issues. Sam had already weaselled his way into the leadership position (these are all volunteer positions) when this forum post was discovered. The ownership respectfully brought it forward to him (I saw the messages) and mentioned that to save face he would need to step down, even IF there was no truth to the claim (which he was of course adamant there was not). Sam feigned understanding and the conversation was left on seemingly peaceful terms. Accounts were changed over to be safe, but somehow Froz had changed the Twitter recovery to his phone in the midst of everything. Long story short, he took over the organisation's Twitter account with 5000 followers, pretending it was a "Lizard Squad hack". Twitter was completely useless in support to get the account back. The account has now been switched to Froz's own account where he is attempting to promote some other business. The damage to an organisation of volunteers investing their precious time and resources is unacceptable. Sam has literally been avoiding lawyers and authorities in different countries for a number of matters. There is some fault to be had in the organisation for being to trusting and lax with their security, but they've tightened it now. The most I can do is try to make people aware. Jonn.