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    Battalion44 MAPS&SPRINT

    26yr old dude who played ladders,leagues and cups at cod1,coduo,cod2 and few at cod4. now when those games are quite dead i went for CSGO. So i played b44 and this is what i would change. simple things; Maps, maps and maps. If you want to make good game you really need to learn make good maps. - Lets see good maps in; COD1,COD2 & CSGO; HARBOR,CARENTAN,DAWNVILLE,DUST2,MIRAGE,CACHE +COD4 crossfire Best maps have simple design pattern; mini maps inside main map; you CANNOT shoot from A to B or from mid to A and B which means you need to master defensive play & rotations and offensive play & rotations as TEAM and as INVIDUAL. A - MID - B (makes nades and SMOKES usable) A = 2 choke points MIDDLE = 2 choke points (in map is not always necessery to have mid when its more open map) b = 2 choke points -Early round postions; spawn point will give you advantage or disadvantage. - Defensive + attacking positions ways to perform attack,rush, trade killing taking control of map area as team. NO CHANCES OF FLANKING behind none likes getting shot in the back in public or in competitive match. (luck involved more than skill based structured team shooting) -rotations & connection points. b44 maps look mess. in CSGO maps are sliced into 3 small minimaps what are contact points.(A,MID,B) in COD there are same in some cases (A-CONNECTOR-B or A-OPENFIELD-B). Most cod maps are too open or too narrow, but some are good. Sprint is killing flow when it comes to competitive. I would change; - Using pistol will give you more speed. This will make scoped rifles more usable and they get that status as AWP at CSGO. - Players needs to play for team as running around map is slower. Sprinting makes game less skill based. STG is too powerfull Uploaded maps that shows patterns i mentioned above. I apologise my bad english. - ejnar