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  1. I will say this game has a bright future. The game is amazing. Battalion 1944 has the fundemental features, but may need a few additions. No doubt the devs is heavy inspired by a mod in CoD4, called promod. The movement(strafing), weapon switching, the aim down sighting etc. Thats solid so far. I play CSGO, and I can tell some few things why I and people play it. In CSGO you carry the knife, grenades and the bomb by attaching it to keybindings . Carrying the knife, while you maneuver around the map in CS is a huge thing, but simple. It keeps you addicted. Same as when you throw grenade, smoke or molotov. The player has to switch to the grenade to use it. And not only that. You have two options with grenades. To 'drop' it with RMB instead of just 'throw' with LMB. Switching to bomb is also important. Players can 'throw' the bomb to eachother if a player can't carry it. It brings more variety, but doesnt affect the gameplay by miles. Theres cosmetic skins to knives which make them more precious. Knives are in all shapes. Many players are happily showing their skin worth 100$. If this addition can also be a part of B44, I think it will be better. It keeps the game simplicity (which makes it good). It will appeal to CS players with knife habits. CSGO is a simple game(no sprinting for instance) and that what makes one of the biggest games today. Please consider this.