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    Old school BFE and Bp Guys around?

    Hey man did you play in bfe/bp?
  2. Hey guys I'm old school cod gamer looking for old team mates from the battle for Europe tournament and breaking point..would love to know where everyone ended up LiaM Liamhef2006 Heffmoo Thanks
  3. LiaM Heffmoo

    BFE and BP Tournaments

    Hey guys just found this post through googling bfe cod2 ..every couple of years I do it to see if I can find anyone. I have so many screenshots in my photobucket account of games from cod2 days , did you join toward the end of cod2 biscuit sort of closer to COD4 ? I remember one night my mate taking the piss with you on teamspeak haha Would love to catch up with anyone from back then think I was 14-17ish back then hard to remember though but I remember I used to have a blast I'm 27 now living in Vancouver seems like a lifetime ago but I still play PS4 regularly Here's few of my social media handles PSN: Liam-Irl Instagram/Snapchat : Heffmoo Facebook : Liam Heffernan it would be really cool if we could get a Facebook group going of as many old people as possible..be cool to see what everyone has been up to! let me know cheers