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  1. Hi guys, My nickname is enf0rcer, I used to play in multiple high skilled gaming clans on ClanBase for MoH:AA / Spearhead and CoD 1,2 and 4. I had my best days in Anarchy.98, some of you guys may still know this clan for participating in the EuroCup multiple times and being number one on multiple ClanBase ladders. Just found out about this game this week. For me this is the type of game I have been waiting for very long, I always hoped a game like old school MoH:AA would show up again one day. I just don't like the typical modern day shooters that have either pay 2 win features or kill streak rewards. One question I have, is there already a new ClanBase alternative? It seems vital for the game to have such a service to boost the competitiveness of the game.