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    Hard Core Mode and feedback.

    Hard Core mode is needed i think. This mode was one of most popular in our servers. I only playing in this mode if I can. Jumping and drops are still annoying, for me and my mates as we discussed, we can play this game without jumps or very limited or instead jumps you can press any button and you can jump over something as animation (bf or R6 siege). Drops shoots for me, they ok but recoil can be worst when players do it. BTW new update is great you going good way guys. I just come back to this title after update 2.0. Need server browser back to live asap as we waiting for that mostly. Will play some more and collect data and back to you guys whit new feedback. Sry i just realized that I should write this in "Idea" part.
  2. Hello I have two monitors. One 144MHz 27' and second 60MHz 24'. Game is running on 60MHz 24' one. How to change it or what to do to change it? Regards GG OK I fix it. Need to change game to window mode then move it manually on main monitor. Make window on whole monitor size and then go back to game change it to full screen again. Works for me. This is new game and its looks good. Good job!