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    Bug Steam with Battalion 1944

    Just you to know, i ve found the solution. My steam profile was private, i ve setted it so my friends can see my profile and now it works! I don' t know if it's normal but it works this way
  2. Hello, 1st i like a lot that game The major bug to me is : my friends don't see me ingame on steam. Few months ago i even couldn't see myself ingame on Steam. Since few weeks now i can see me but my friends still don't see me ingame. So i can't invite people on steam to join me, they don't receive my invit. We are 4 friends playing this game and only one of us can invit so it means if this friend is not here, we can't play together. I hope my english is good enough so you can understand So @ devs, do you already know this bug? Are you working on it to fix it with next update? I can say with the beta, i still have the problem. I don't know if you (devs) have to fix it or is it Steam? What i know is, it doesn't help the game to be popular if friends can't play together. Thanks for help, and viva Battalion Bobo