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  1. I could select a third chest called hero chest yesterday, didnt have any of course and today I cant anymore. But the skins have already been datamined. I see no mention tho. So how to get it?
  2. krieg0r

    How to get 120 fov

    Put slider on 105, select 4:3 resolution. Done. Because 4:3 cuts off the sides, you get the same horizontal view as with 16:9 and 105 fov, but vertical vision is greatly increased. Battalion is the only game where fov INCREASES when you use a smaller aspect ratio resolution. Why tho....
  3. But thats just straight up wrong. The movement is simply inferior and lacks any sort of acceleration, momentum and dynamic compared to quake based games, and this post here shows that it is indeed possible - and seemingly simple - to implement those.
  4. krieg0r

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    You literally just went thru every single one of my posts to downvote me? LMAO. Like I said stop derailing topics you idiot and shut the fuck up.
  5. krieg0r

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    If we take axis uniforms for example, many of them are similar in color and only different in details, so I don't see the problem. As long as the distinctive look of each side gets maintained, it oculd be a possibility. You could also bind the look of a character to the weapon class tho, like COD always did. Map based would also be very cool, yes. If I see correctly we are currently playing as PanzerGrenadiere on the axis side, I would love to play as SS soldier tbh I dont care what you think about me nor what you are here for. Stop derailing topics and make your own if you must.
  6. krieg0r

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    stop debating the state of the game in my thread you morons, thank you very much. edited*
  7. krieg0r

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    stop abusing my topic for your nonsense you imbeciles.
  8. krieg0r

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    some german ww2 uniforms for exmaple that coukld be used
  9. especially SS has some great uniforms. could be some kind of progress system where you unlock additional looks over time and then get to choose
  10. krieg0r

    Redesign casual ranks

    levelling is insanely fast, only 3-4 games and you level up. Yet you only get to keep the cool looking icons like the stars from 70-90 for 10 levels each. the stripes for level 100-300 are godawful, and you keep them for 300 fucking levels. you could have done a bit better with splitting up levels... and then the coolest looking is like level 500-600. you need like 1000 hours for that. wtf??? whoever thought of this, didnt really think it thru.
  11. krieg0r

    Constructive feedback from a casual POV

    well I want to stay on the server and continue playing not search a new match every fucking time. you can do it but there is a longert than necessary freeze
  12. krieg0r

    Constructive feedback from a casual POV

    they also need to remove those damned 3 minutes aftermatch wait. I'd like for the game to go straight to next map/mode after a brief delay, not sit there for 3 minutes contemplating life.
  13. I just now read brammers long post and you are right. So yeah, I will look forward to summer and 2019.
  14. alright calm down. the movement is straight ass in that game and the hitreg comes with a hefty delay because they chose TCP over UDP. as for cod vs battalion, if there is one thing cod does right its drawing casuals to the game and keeping them there and it does so thru numerous reward systems lke extensive ranks for levelling, achievements, rewards, unlocks, crispy hitmark sounds, bounce back skills, all that kinda stuff. battalion has none of this and it also barely has content so its no surprise all the people left. then ranked just placed everyone at the same rank from the getgo, not even a variance from silver 1 to silver 5, just striaght up silver 3 for everyone. people in ranked are toxic, skillgaps are huge. its really no surprise. they had a chance to have a decent playerbase, but they busted it by going EA way too soon. now I will say they probably have another shot when they push the marketing and release a whole bunch of new content, at least like 3-4 new maps and gamemodes and just stuff so it feels like there is something to do for people. they will probably call this full release or something. then they have another shot at gaining some traction and I might hold on till then, because the fps market isnt exactly saturated with great games.