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  1. JustCarry

    Kill cam

    ^ just up *
  2. Hi everyone, i don't know how i can name it. but my idea is! if you still alive in round! next round you can choice that if you want to take same guns same bullet in gun in this round! i think you will say it bad idea but, what if you take a sniper but without the card? what if your team is very noob to let you take gun you don't want? simple take a gun but still alive with it and continue with it!
  3. JustCarry

    Kill cam

    Hi guys, As i wrote in title. I hope to add kill cam, without added the informaiton of killer. and thanks
  4. JustCarry

    Reduce points to win!

    Yes for unranked.
  5. JustCarry

    Reduce points to win!

    Hi everyone, i suggest to change count of points to win. cause is hard for begginers and take alot of time if you weren't play vs noobs. Briefly I want to reduce points to win! to 5 or 6! ( Unranked games only )