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    ranking/skill system?

    Will we be seeing xlrstats or some sort of ranking systems for servers in the future?
  2. aLive

    Nvidia GeoForce recognizing...

    Thanks Excel! Greatly appreciate the knowledge ?
  3. I noticed when I launch Nvidia GeoForce Experience, that Bn1944 doesn't populate into the list of games I have. I've tried to manually add the games' folder in Steamapps and it still doesn't find it. Csgo, cod's, etc are automatically found. Is the game not compatible with GeoForce to record or screenshot gameplay or am I not doing something right? Best regards, alive
  4. aLive

    aLive from VA

    w ideas to help get you started: Hi ladies and gents. I'm Bill, aLive when in game. I'm 36 from Virginia. Kind of recently introduced into pc gaming about 4 years ago while in the Marines. I came over from old COD4. A friend of mine from my clan there, Forgotten Heroes, told me about Battalion1944. Absolutely love the game so far. See you all in game.