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  1. im lvl 6 and every sense the u[update i haven't been able to join 1 match idk if everyone playing ranked or something but its unplayable for me at times it will say match found then go away
  2. whyyoumadbro

    Movement And Full Time Spirt

    im pretty sure the devs has 2 put run on a cooldown maybe the maybe in testing it was broken with 2 much speed but it would be nice to be able to run full time + movement in itself seems rlly slow u cant rlly peak a corner without jump peaking it just wanted to get thoughs on this
  3. whyyoumadbro


    i have alot of background in fps i play csgo overwatch u name it i prob played it been around sense the halo days plz dont message me if u are no rdy to fight i dont need 13 year olds look to lol all game thanks