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    Community unranked wartide no weapons

    After you mentioned deck.json I realised I missed something, never configured or changed any deck config files I understand now that I need to provide a valid deck.json in the main .ini file. Currently the provided DefaultGame.ini contains a non-existing deck.json parameter value "UnrankedBOMBDeck0" which leads to a broken server. So.. [/Script/ShooterGame.BombGameMode] Deckname=UnrankedBOMBDeck0 To: [/Script/ShooterGame.BombGameMode] Deckname=WartideDeck0 Has solved the issue and now the server is back in action! Thanks Spoon for the trigger
  2. Hi Guys, Since the last 2 patches our community wartide server seems broken. When players connect they do not get any weapons, after readyup there are no cards to select. Problem persists after multiple reinstallations and using the default config. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance