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    Performance Issues on Derailed

    But an upgrade is just not possible for me and the issues I'm having is only on Derailed while the ressources of my components aren't exhausted yet so it doesn't really make sense to upgrade. Yes, the performance will increase with better gear but the right approach would be to use the users ressources instead of only using 70% or 50%. But I can understand how they don't want to focus on optimisation yet but I'm a little frustrated since their optimisation "promise" being on the very top of the roadmap, was the only reason why I bought the game.
  2. fakeRR

    Performance Issues on Derailed

    Already done that.
  3. fakeRR

    Performance Issues on Derailed

    Well the way the game looks it should run way better - not that I could afford any kind of upgrade anyway. It looks worse than my CoD4 back then, where the maps were bigger and I had constant 250 fps. Not saying my setup is good but it's not the right way to not worry about the performance of the game you're creating and just tell everybody to get the best gear out there. Also - at no point does my CPU usage go over 75% and my GPU usage stays around 50%. Not even thinking of an upgrade when that's the case and still having performance issues, I'd rather just abandon the game. But it's EA and I guess the devs are still working on optimisation since UE4 aint the easiest to wrap your head around ;). Still open for any suggestions
  4. Hello everybody, first off my setup: nvidia geforce gtx 750ti amd a10-6800k 8gb ram So with everything on low and the resolution put to 1280x1024 I can get fluent 60 fps on Manorhouse (both versions) and Coastal. I can't remember my fps on Liberation but I think it's inbetween Manorhouse & Derailed performancewise. Now if I'm on an empty server with Derailed running and I'm not moving (it doesn't matter where I stand) - so NOTHING is happening - my fps jump between 20 & 50 which is totally unplayable. Same problem on Outpost but I can see why I'd have such trouble running this map with all the foliage (even with foliage being turned off). So does anybody have a suggestion on how I could improve my situation or maybe the devs could look at their map again to check if they forgot to clean up some stuff which is now causing performance issues? Thanks in advance!