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  1. Introducing our brand new cup formula, called SEASONS! The meaning of a single cup is nothing compared to a whole SEASON of them. Show us you're not just a hero for one night, but for a whole SEASON! https://6gcups.org/2018/03/13/introducing-seasons/
  2. Am I Supposed To Like This?

    It is funny that all my downvotes are from you
  3. Am I Supposed To Like This?

    adze means bárd?
  4. Colors around avatars top screen.

    Yeah, we were already talking about that. As far as I know they will implement it.
  5. Am I Supposed To Like This?

    Adze should've been banned from this forum a long time ago. Don't care about him.
  6. liberation!!

    I'm pretty sure it's random and you're just unlucky. I get same maps often too.
  7. I was just thinking about that. Thanks for confirming.
  8. Hello! A 6GAMiNG keres 2 komoly szándékú, lanképes embert a lineup-ba. Részletekért addolj steamen: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crappyz/
  9. Hello. Has anyone have the new map Invasion on their servers yet? My provider couldn't yet implement the new map to their servers.
  10. That's gonna be pretty bad for casters

    Do we know what time will the update be released?
  12. Don't pay attention to him. He's one of the most arrogant, irritating player I've ever met. Instantly banned him from our events after I saw them attending our cup. They are very lowskilled and they flame throughout the whole match. Typical loser who blames everyone else for his weaknesses.
  13. How to set number of available cards?

    Yeah, thanks I've figured it out already. For some reason the server loaded unranked loadout even if the game mode was set to competitive.