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  1. So they actually skipped testing and we're paying them to let us work for them. That's like a backstab in my opinion.
  2. crappy

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    ye thats what I said too. oficial servers are so lame. I never had ping problems with other servers, only on officials.
  3. crappy

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    dude, I mean dedicated servers are the ones you get to when playing competitive,arcade or unranked. so I have lot worse ping on those servers. on the server that I'm renting for my team, ping is much better
  4. crappy

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    heey, adze, you still comin here to talk shit? i guess your life is boring af
  5. crappy

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Thanks for your reply, that would be cool. However I think it's fine to put SS on uniforms. I mean nazis are in the spotlight in WW2 so why would we want to censor stuff like that?
  6. crappy

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Oh... I thought you were gonna answer to the topic... Was excited for 30 seconds
  7. I think the bomb should be visible on the back of the bomb carrier. Atm axis team can't see who's carrying the bomb unless they kill the bomb carrier. Since the bomb is too big to fit in someone's pocket, when a player picks up the bomb, a backpack should be on that player's back. It's more realistic and other games have this feature too, like CS.
  8. Are you feeling difference between dedicated and rented servers too? I have about +30-40 ping on dedicated servers, sometimes it's not even playable. On rented servers the ping is always okay. I have wifi connection btw, but still, on rented servers it's just fine.
  9. crappy

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    it's not a bad idea, but they shouldn't make it chooseable. I mean it would be very confusing to see all the enemies with different outlooks. You might not even notice if they are enemy or friendly. But I also share that view to add more uniforms and models. They should do different uniforms for each map.
  10. - First of all it's funny that you have disabled comments, seems like you're not interested about our thoughts. - All the links in the post are removed or not working. - Imo the token system could cause lot more problems than card system. For example, if we have a greedy guy on the team he might take an expensive weapon so now its not only that we wont have anymore snipers, but we wont be able to get any kind of guns except the default... - "the much loved default carbine" - haha that made me laugh - Removing ranked? Seriously? Well, we never knew how the ranking system works so I guess it won't make too big difference, except we will remain 2v5 if we are about to lose a game - Only thing that is positive, is I'm curious what you're gonna do with FaceIt - Also, the post made me feel like we won't see so much change in the game until about release time..
  11. crappy

    Timeline on update?

    Assuming its linux. g-portal.cm
  12. crappy

    Colours in names

    in cod2 you could write colored messages or binds
  13. crappy

    Timeline on update?

    We had this issue only once inabout 1 month
  14. Personally I like the idea, but it must be a fully separate game. Battalion is what it is. But I'd love a game like PUBG in a 50v50 mode with WWII era.
  15. crappy

    Battalion 1944 future.

    Well yeah, I don't know if they're gonna change anything on the looks of the game, but indeed even cod2 looks better than battalion atm