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  1. Hi Devs Your instructions on your WIKI are incorrect for installing the app with SteamCMD its not: app_install 805140 it should be: app_update 805140 validate https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD Wall
  2. [BB]Wallinator

    Server Browser Issue.

    Hi There Devs It seems that our server hosted at NFO is not showing up in the server browser anymore. I can direct connect to it from the console and it is up and working. NFO themselves set up a test server and it will no show up either. Something wrong with your browser master server (if you have one)? Its been like this since the map update today. We had NFO force a SteamCMD on it as well to ensure its up to date. Wall
  3. Hi Dev's Just wondering what the ETA is of the title getting implemented? I'm sure if it was there there would be a lot more unlocked servers as at the moment kicking with a long steamid is not easy. Wall
  4. [BB]Wallinator

    Pre-release steam group for patches

    No I mean like the NWI devs did for insurgency. It works really well and sponsors good community input.
  5. [BB]Wallinator

    Pre-release steam group for patches

    Hi Dev's Just a suggestion to look at setting up a group in steam that community members can help test your updates prior to releasing them to everyone. One publisher I know of when they were first starting out setup a group in steam that "constructive, active and helpful" community users could voluntary subscribe too for testing out per-release patches. As we know everyone's rigs are different and it seemed to smooth out patch releases as stuff was caught during the group testing. Wall
  6. [BB]Wallinator

    Strafe jump poll

    Our server is at NFO on a managed VDS and hasn't crashed yet when we did have around 10 on it. Wall