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  1. To begin, i just want to say VERY GOOD GAME guys, i am really excited about this game, that is why i create this post, i want that this great game become perfect. I am an old school fps gamer, i really really missed the golden age of fps of 2005/2008, this game is like a cod2 whith great things of the cod4 and counter strike, i really enjoy it, but like i said there is things that i dont enjoy, they are: First of all, the card system. I dont say that is a bad thing, i dont like it and i think that it is needed to be something opcional, if i want to fight with kar why i am forced to play with the gewher, i hate that weapon, that thing ruin my game experience and force me to quit. Second, the aim with the sniper. That thing is too arcade, i think that it will be better like in the old cod2, the same thing. Use shift to take a better shot, the need to hold the breath, because is fucking OP that is always like that. And third, the crashes, the optimizacion and the weapon balance. This things are normal and is not a real problem for now, not like the others problems. This things are normal in beta and i think that in the future will be ok. For me that is all, keep going with the hard work and THANKS, i really love that old school is again!!