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  1. Velozity

    Sup Lads

    Beginning a Battalion Clips Instagram! Chuck us a follow (: @BattalionClips
  2. Whats up, not sure if its just me but all day as of 20/02/2018, I havent been able to get into a single game on Australia servers. (All game modes) I got into 1 but only on European but obviously its not fun with 300+ ping.
  3. Velozity

    Player Base

    I am a CSGO player and I am excited. I have a feeling alot of CSGO players may switch over, simply because of its prime system which turns alot of new players off. It's not like this game has been hugely advertised (if it has been advertised at all) yet. + As long as mothers are giving birth, we have plenty of new players to join us on Battalion.
  4. Velozity

    Sup Lads

    Not a big COD4 player, I mainly came from CSGO only. Loving the game so far, got to level 15 in 18 hours of double XP, playing from Australia so experiencing the tad glitchy servers but gameplay is fantastic. Not perfect, but it has potential. I bought the DLC to support the developers and made my money back from it with one of the crate drops haha. Great to meet you lads.