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    Battalion Launcher will not open.

    Had the same issue and someone helped me with this problem. The solution that he came up with : Go to %APPDATA%\LOCAL\ and delete the folder for the BattalionLauncher should fix it However the screen will not update correctly like it's acting to not use the render loop because it's not in focus and update the screen but the raycast of mouse clicks etc works perfectly So alt tab around to get a screen refresh going should get you into the menu Now the interesting bit is, if you make the actual game borderless is display the exact same behavior as the launcher does. Hope this helps,
  2. dumcha

    Game doesn`t launch

    Thank you so much Duke.It fixed my problem . Now i found another one. I can`t select other region than US East and i have to play with 160 ping , me being from Europe.probably the servers are down...or just a bug..idk. We ll have to see. Thank you once again for you help.
  3. dumcha

    Game doesn`t launch

    I don`t have an antivirus or the firewall enabled.
  4. dumcha

    Game doesn`t launch

    I can run the game once , every time i install it. After i run it the FIRST time after instalation , the Launcher.exe won t do anything but stay in the taskbar and nothing happens. The silhouette, so to say, of the Launcher (where the Region selection and Play buttons are) is on top of other running apps and can t click anything under this windows (the Launcher window is invisible after i run the game) until i ALT-TAB. I can find the process UE4Game and Battalion Launcher in Task Manager but they do not load or change the PC usage variables. I would like some assistance regarding this problem since i wasn t able to play this game but once since it launched,due to this problem or server problems . My Specs: AMD FX-6300 , 8 GB RAM , VIDEO CARD AMD R9 270x, HDD Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SATA-III 7200RPM 64MB , NO SSD Thank you