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  1. I have the same problem, started on the last update.
  2. Sn4rFx

    Matchmaking broken on South America

    Nop, this happens all day long, right now my friend clicked on unranked and joined instantly, im searching for like 4 hours, its 100% a bug.
  3. Its like 2 weeks since we are having this problem in our community servers, we are trying really hard to grown up the amount of players in SA, but we need the servers up in our region. We are surviving only with our private servers. When i click on unranked it keeps getting this message "Match ready, allocating server" Then it keep looping to search and Match ready, allocating server. Please help us, we really love this game, Brazil, Chile and Argentina have pretty big communities since Cod2 and Cod4, players that waited a long time to a good competitive game like the old good times.