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  1. sightseeer

    Get rid of TDM in arcade

    Sure it does, but any decent human being would see how unbalanced TDM games are and how often you die right after spawning, killed from behind. A smart team can just spread out and hold all angles and wiping out half of the enemy team before they can even react. You get a 3.0 KD just doing that. Iam not even talking the jump shooting that they didnt patch out, still! I am complaining about the prone shooting too. These issues annoy me so much that I leave the game for weeks before cheking on it once in a while, because I still have my hopes up. But then I dont understand how they dont implement a proper spawn system. Do the devs actually play this game? Its hilarious how every developer team make their own spawn systems instead of taking good systems that are well implemented in other games. A good TDM lives from the spawn system and this one here is made by an amateur, I can tell.
  2. sightseeer

    Get rid of TDM in arcade

    The spawn system is a joke for TDM and the maps are too small for dynamic spawn locations. It is a waste of time and there is no filter to avoid these. You get mostly TDM while CTF is way more complex and rewarding. I cannot enjoy arcade with TDM in place and when I want to check on the game once in a while I dont want to play unranked mode because I dont want to wait for the round to end over and over when I die soon. There is some sort of vacuum for this purpose.
  3. sightseeer

    Game's Dead guys..

  4. sightseeer

    Games literally dead in AU

    Your continent is so far away...
  5. sightseeer

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    So nearly 70% want to nerf that shit. Glad to hear that.
  6. sightseeer

    OTT Jumping

    this, +1
  7. sightseeer

    OTT Jumping

    I dont get how casual and jumpshooting is an argument hand in hand. I rekt people too with that jumpshooting and I still hate this game because of this. I would rather peek with Q&E all the time and get killed if someone is preaiming that exact spot and kill that dude if he is not preaiming that exact spot where I am peeking. So that you have to know the angles and hide spots etc. Casuals have fun in these games they can fill the unranked and arcade modes and get in touch with better players who warm up for competitve.
  8. sightseeer

    OTT Jumping

    Congrats to maybe your first decent post, this is how to do it, keep it up. Yes exactly, the advertisement wasnt anything near this jumping around Quakeish thing. You actually need to watch livestreamers or current gameplay footage of decent players to actually witness the jumping meta. The money of my clanmates was grabbed because of this, and because we bought keys to get the game 33% cheaper we cant refund, so we are just annoyed by the never ending greed of game publishers. And no one can expect future buyers to carefully read and listen to some boring interviews of the devs. We watch some footage and just chose if we buy it or not. But if the footage is an illusion, its actually a scam!
  9. sightseeer

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    I want Bunny Hopping Eliminated with Higher Hitpoints A Balancing of the weapons more (recoil etc) What do I vote now? Your idea is good, but your implementation lacks.
  10. sightseeer

    OTT Jumping

    Nice Ad Hominem, why do you assume someone is bad at this game? Your discussion skills are garbage, and that is a fact, and its off topic, as your post is. dude, just dont post anything, anymore, anywhere. If you cant bring up an opinion with decent methods (blattant lying and selfillusioning arent one of them), dont bring them up at all.
  11. sightseeer

    OTT Jumping

    in my clan, 4 dudes bought the game, 2 have already lost interest because of the jumping and jump+crouch and jump+prone, after not even 2 hours enduring this). I mean they are actually right, if you want to play that kind of stuff, there is unreal tournament or quake and such. You just need to implement rocket launcher for rocketjumps and you can directly call it Unreal Tournament WW2 Mod (pink intended). The thing is, we watch your trailer and then you watch watch actual gameplay, its a ...ing joke! Its called false advertisement, how in the world is that a WW2 setting, jumping with a sniper headshoting on every distance, I mean I do that too and it makes me question the sanity of humankind.
  12. sightseeer

    Game's Dead guys..

    Well it sure is at least half dead because playing as US is annoying as F the only 1hitkill weapon is the sniper and the scope is totally useless, who needs a scope on these small maps, I really dont get it. The default weapons are total garbage, you need more than 3 shots to kill anyone with it and it is a super bad experience when you actually hit nearly every enemy 3 times but because your TTK is 100 times higher because of the default weapon you actually can stay afk in spanw if you only have the default weapon. All of hits while most enemies jump around the corner and kill you before they land while you dont even have time to kill them with that piece of scap. So what is left? Leaving server until you join axis or maybe you could balance the weapons? I mean if the default weapon isnt even superior to a pistol, I dont get why you should play the default weapons at all. I also dont get why this jump scoping is intended. With the unscoped Kar98 you are unstoppable, nobody can do anything on any range against you and only if 3+ enemies push you or spam nades, you start to have problems and you would at least take 1 of them out... I mean ok the game is new and all but if you played like 10 hours of this stuff, what the devs should have done imo, you should get the idea yourself.