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  1. I am aware of this. Nothing says they don't come back when a bit farther along. So far i'm diggin' the game. Very clean and fluid with most maps having better size and lots of accessible bldg.'s. But at the end of the day. they wan what they want. I find that we get better versions of pre release games nowadays compared to what "they" would refer to the finished release product back the days of say COD, COD2 etc...
  2. We're looking for that HC type of hud. If the server side can't be changed I'll have to take it back to the crew and decide whether or not they want to buy. Between that and the fact the Admin's ability to kick pain in the ass players, it doesn't look like there will be a positive outcome.
  3. I am looking to remove the minimap from the server. Is anyone aware of an option to remove the minimap from being used? Is there a hardcore setting hidden in the config's somewhere?