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  1. [=PUG=]Pecka

    Server Browser Issue.

    cheers Buddy
  2. [=PUG=]Pecka

    Server Browser Issue.

    Yes Im running a windows environment. Cheers
  3. [=PUG=]Pecka

    Server Browser Issue.

    Same Issue here, nothing in the browser still. devs lets get this sorted guys.....
  4. So I have had a server running for about a month. I updated my server with the latest server software through the SteamCMD ver 805140 and now my 4 x servers don't show up in the in-game server list, I can get into them by using the ip address 7777-7800 Other than the update nothing has changed. i have made sure that the fire wall ports are open but no change. Any help would be great! Commander [=PUG=]Pecka
  5. [=PUG=]Pecka

    Admin server messages

    Would their be away for us to run automatic messages on our sever every 5 mins or so. things like. [=PUG=]Welcomes you to our sever. Rule messages etc etc AAPG you can, so just wondering if we can with Battalion Cheers Pecka