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  1. LMG's

    Would a LMG kit be an idea? The only thing I would really see going against this is the magazine size, but with weapons like the FG42, Johnson M1941 LMG or Bren you can see that isnt really a problem. And if balanced correctly even the MG15, MG34 and M1919 can be implemented. Who like this idea as well? And if Im correct the American default weapon is the M1 carbine right? Why isntit the M1903 infantry, that would be a lot more balanced I would say. But I havent plaayed with it yet so dont take taht one for granted
  2. What to adjust

    I believe those jumpy movements and dolphindive moves are made intentionally
  3. New Economy Idea

    Could you link where?
  4. Soviet Union

    I would rather see Soviet Skins as the customization, same with Mosin as Bolt-action skin
  5. Starting Game

    I am updating it right now, Ill see f it works. Thx at least! EDIT: Yes, this wokred. Thx
  6. Starting Game

    I want to play Battalion 1944, but it wont start. it keeps showing me this message. It says I have to install an extra component. Well, I download it. When I download it, it still gives this message! So I press it again, and it literally takes me to the installed software and in there, it gives me the option to uninstall or cancel... What do I need to do?! (Ignore my beautiful Clash Of Clans background) EDIT: So I gave up for now and Im gonna wait for a response, so tried to go and play Battlefield. I want to start it up, and it doesnt work as well now..... And it has never failed me before