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  1. The latest update has fixed the issue for me, I'm not experiencing it anymore. Thanks !
  2. Hi Developers, I purchased the game last night to try it out, but I have run into 2 issues: Firstly, upon launching the game, I receive the 'Battalion has crashed' error message that other people have reported as well. After I close the error message, the game just loads fine and I can start playing. My other issue is -I'm not sure if it's in connection with the previous error message and something goes wrong in the background- that I can't press 'MoveLeft/MoveRight' and 'LeanLeft/LeanRight' at the same time, so in my example: I can't press A and Q or D and E together, because my character wouldn't move while leaning. It accepts leaning, but then wouldn't move to the direction that I'm pressing. My PC: Windows 7 Intel Core i5 4440 Nvidia GTX 760 8 GB RAM I have the game installed on HDD. Keyboard: Speedlink Snappy USB Keyboard I can live with the game has crashed error message, because the game loads eventually, but the issue with leaning is quite annoying. Any input in resolving that issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel