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    steamcmd overwrite

    I've not updated mine and started them since the switch to SteamCMD, I liked the old way. I had enough of server restarts, FFA gametype crashing randomly, TDM crashing every other map. Having full servers just for them to die 10 minutes later then remain empty, what is the point?! I don't even tell friends about the game anymore, there is no point, what can I tell them.. TDM and FFA is fucked, the server will crash when it feels like it, be it 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Multiple game breaking bugs, headshots are only headshots if you aim down the barrel, fire from the hip and you enter the recoil/hitbox lottery. I've missed a lot but they are theee main things that will piss me and my friends off while playing this at the moment. Good luck with Esports, i'm back on the lookout for a decent game that I can pick up and play casual without needing a 1337 pro ticket to play Esport focused gameplay. You really did shit on us casual players here with this release, even if Esports was your main goal for the game.
  2. G-Smoke

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    There are 3 of us now, we are slowly gaining numbers We all have problems with the game, we all want it to popular or we would not be here. I'm getting seriously pissed with the amount of times my servers crash, as long as it gets fixed and someone is listening, all is good! There is a lot to fix, it can't all be done overnight, thing is, a lot of basic things really need to be fixed before you go adding anything else. Connection issues and game not starting for some people (1st thing that needs fixing, if the game won't run at all for some, it's fucked somewhere!) Server stability (2nd thing that needs fixing, if we can't play on a stable server what is the point?!) FFA is broken, spawns, maps, even the damn team selection screen is not showing the right team names. TDM is slightly less broken but still some basic issues need fixing! The list goes on as you go through the gametypes, weapons, most of which might be able to be sorted with mods but we're not sure how far you'll let us tweek things.
  3. G-Smoke

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    1am??? 3 days of no sleep in the office.. come home and even the dog has forgotten who you are! Like a few tweets against Google are going to hurt the games image, what sort of snowflake era are we living in. Give em shit, it's Google, they deserve it if the are the cause of the fuck-up!! Downvoted by the E4 and BBC2 lovers
  4. G-Smoke

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    yeah, that should have been an E4 or BBC2 in the background sort of move. You don't do that shit in front of Netflix. /end sarcasm.
  5. G-Smoke

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    If Google are fucking up the releases, I don't blame him.. it's his baby to defend!
  6. I'm with the OP on this one: Mini map should be made a server side option, some will like it, others will hate it... but that's what makes community servers so appealing, different options and different play styles! I would like most options to be serverside so I can disable and enable what I want to keep my players happy. It's even on in FFA(deathmatch), please at least turn this off as default in FFA gametypes.
  7. FFA is broken in this game, even basic things like team names are broken on the selection screen. I setup a server for FFA with scopes off, within 20 mins my full server had crashed and no one returns! Casual players like a game or two of Deathmatch, it is the easiest gametype for a n00b to jump in and have fun by themselves. If you piss these casuals off, they won't even think about competitive play if you can't get Deathmatch right! ReadyUp Bug remains in FFA, telling players to hit F1 when the game is already started. Deathmatch, should have been theeee first gametype you got right and 100% sorted so strangers/casuals can play with each other, followed by TDM, then the more skill based team gametypes. Why are we getting Comp fixes forced at us when basic things need to be sorted?
  8. G-Smoke

    Are crosshair overlays bannable or ok?

    but the basic problem still remains, if the spray is all over the place and damage falloff is as it is, it won't matter what sort of overlay or tracking software is used, random shots will fire off in all directions! The only way to get a 100% centered headshot kills from the hip is to use an aimbot, how are people supposed to fight against these if the aimbot has 100% aim and my skill based aim throwing shots everywhere even though i'm on target (hip firing crosshair), will randomly hit things if it feels like rewarding me with a kill that second? Please try and test it, make a small mark on your screen you can remove, make it in the middle of the hip crosshair, fire at a wall and watch the bullets go everywhere, i'd be happy if it followed the recoil. Overlays won't do shit if the bullet pattern is sooo random compared to the recoil, even a good aim won't do anything to combat random spray pattern. Back in the old days, I could go up against an aimbot(er) and come out ahead or even due to my style of play... Run n Gun with my own accuracy! This game, I have no chance the way it is now!
  9. G-Smoke

    Idea to expand the playerbase

    Seeing as the game defaults to 5 vs 5, why not sell 5 packs on Steam, 5 for the price of 4? That way a whole group can purchase the game together, or be gifted it and be more chance of pulling in groups of players at one time?
  10. How hard would it be to remove all the damage fall off, weapon sway, bullet pattern spray from hip and a few other things? I want to run a server where accuracy is rewarded with a kill, like how it used to be in the early CoD's. One shot headshots (even from the hip), I want them back so bad. This game has the potential to get all my old CoD players back together playing but the way the weapons are (and if they are staying this way), there is no way in hell my old CoD players will pick this up. It has the oldskool feel to the maps just the weapon accuracy is enough to drive you mad. A headshot is a headshout, you should die, even from a high powered air rifle! So I need to create a mod : Headshots are headshots Hip firing is accurate like the old CoD's Weapon random spray gone, recoil stays Remove damage falloff over distance, the maps are small enough to not have damage falloff. -------------- At some point but not important as the above,.Add in a PPSH to combat the thompson+shotgun in a TDM/FFA server and bring back more run n gun gameplay in my servers. Besides the PPSH idea, i'm guessing the rest are just all scripting mods I need to alter but being base game options, will that cause problems with Anti-Cheat? Dev's went arse about face on this game, should have coded it for the casual gamer with a Clan mod for competitive play but this is the hand we are dealt. Excluding the PPSH, how easy are my ideas to add? I've never played about with the UE4 editor before, seeing as I don't want to change the graphics and just scripts/values, is it easy to do?
  11. G-Smoke

    Are crosshair overlays bannable or ok?

    As the game is right now and the way the weapon spray from hip firing is sooooo random, using an overlay will not do anything but annoy you! Stand near a wall and fire from the hip, 3 out of 10 shots will end up in the middle of the hip firing crosshair, the other 7 shots are randomly fired off left and right. Now compare this to the old CoD 1 + UO + CoD2 and you will see the difference. In the old games the hip firing was always in the middle, the guns would recoil and the bullets would follow the recoil but still in the middle of the crosshairs as it lifted with the recoil. Compare this to how the weapons are in 1944, they are way off when firing from the hip! If the Devs want a skill based game, you can't add random aiming, where is the learning curve when hip firing? At the moment it is luck if you miss the first shot, the 2nd, 3rd or 4th might be the next shot on target (middle of the crosshairs). This gets even worse over distance. CoD I used to hate aiming down the barrel, this game is now forcing me to aim down the barrel or I get random spray after the 1st shot. Even a timed one tap every second is enough to fire shots off in all directions. Dev's really need to fix hip firing accuracy if you want an oldstyle FPS feel! There is no need to decrease the crosshair size (maybe in prone a little), just make it more accurate and go compare it to the old CoD's while firing at a wall and watch the spread of bullets in both games. Once you fix this problem, you will have a game that people can actually run n gun or play stealth. At the moment, the only way to run n gun is to jump around a corner, wiggle the mouse in the general direction while holding your finger on fire, i'm not seeing the skill based game you want/described if this is the style you are forcing people to play. TL;DR Hip firing accuracy is broken/way off, ANY overlays will not put the bullets where they should go due to random spray pattern coded into the game when firing from the hip. Yo dev's - fix up the hip accuracy and look sharp, the game will be more playable to casual gamers AND the ADS elite!