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    I've not updated mine and started them since the switch to SteamCMD, I liked the old way. I had enough of server restarts, FFA gametype crashing randomly, TDM crashing every other map. Having full servers just for them to die 10 minutes later then remain empty, what is the point?! I don't even tell friends about the game anymore, there is no point, what can I tell them.. TDM and FFA is fucked, the server will crash when it feels like it, be it 30 seconds to 20 minutes. Multiple game breaking bugs, headshots are only headshots if you aim down the barrel, fire from the hip and you enter the recoil/hitbox lottery. I've missed a lot but they are theee main things that will piss me and my friends off while playing this at the moment. Good luck with Esports, i'm back on the lookout for a decent game that I can pick up and play casual without needing a 1337 pro ticket to play Esport focused gameplay. You really did shit on us casual players here with this release, even if Esports was your main goal for the game.