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    Okay, thanks a lot but do you think I will be able to run it on low graphics?
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    Hi guys, as you may know my idea is to buy this game but I wanna ask you 1 last thing.Will I be able to run this game on my current pc? I've heard that this game isn't a in game fps killer .Here are my specs .I would like to know if I can get at least some decent FPS AMD Quad Core processor A6- 5200 (2.0ghz) AMD Radeon HD 8400 with 512mb graphics system memory 4 GB of RAM 64.bit Best regards
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    Ok guys, thanks a lot.
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    So if I'm buying it , I'm not going to spend more money in the future right? I would spend them only if I would buy a warchest to support the game?
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    Hi guys, I have a question.Since I wanna buy this game, I wanna ask you something about it.Since the actual game is not completed and there will be more updates it means that if I'm buying it now am I going to pay for future Updates/DLCs or not ( should I wait until the game will be full released on Steam?The actual game is about 15 euros on Steam but does it contain already the DLC .I'm asking you this because I've seen that the blog moderators said that all next DLCs will be free. Best regards