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    Can't start the game

    i had same issue, u just got to wait, about 5-10 mins, it starting really slow
  2. IninsaibL

    Can't run a game

    Hi. Im not the only one with that issue. I saw some people writing topics about it, but no one gave a solution on that. So, i cant play a game because it simply can not run. I tried to run it via steam and launcher in game folder, in both cases a can see launcher, there i can select region and press play button but after that launcher loads something and closes himself. Then steam says that game is running and im playing it, but i can't see the game, it did not open. I tried to verify integrity of game files, it did not helped at all. Then i tried to change region in launcher - same thing. And then i reinstalled game but as it turned out it was just a waste of time. I really hope that someone can help me with this issue so i don't have to ask steam for refound. Tnx for help.