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  1. Obviously the players are in low numbers at the moment, and I think the game is not suited for this and therefor doesn't help at all to help the community grow. To me for battalion there are 2 problems : the people that don't want to play the game, and the people that want to play the game but can't because of the low player base. I think having a FFA on a relatively small map would resolve the 2nd issue, since it would need just a couple of players to make an enjoyable gaming session. If that was the case players like me would play often. At the moment i'm just thinking like: i'm will just run around a big map with 2/3 people to shoot at, i'd rather play a game i enjoy less but with more action. FFA : doubles the amount of players you can fight, which is gold in this situation. Small maps : to avoid running around most of your time. I know you guys at the moment have other things to do than creating a small map, but I thing you could very well use existing maps but limiting acces to only a certain area (a bit like in the 2v2 mod in csgo). Actually the map in the forest in belgium would work. For exemple, yesterday I wanted to play a bit, couldn't find a unranked and nobody was playing on community servers so I went to play a Arcade. We were 5 people playing in invasion TdM, so we spent most of our time running around and that gets quickly boring so i left after 15mins, I could have played 2 hours if it was FFA on a smaller map. (Last time I played more than 20mins it was when someone else what up to play 1v1 on the aim_map on community server, we had a lot of fun and we could actually shoot at someone). I know the aim_map is very minimalistic and would be too poor to offer as a game studio, but the idea is there. Seeing the current interest for fast paced fps games (community on cod2 and cod4 is still doing ok, 16k views on phantasy's youtube video talking about MU2) I think there is something to do and adapting your game to the player base is something very important that will benefit everyone. PS : and the team balance bug doesn't help. I just played an arcade game in 3v1 and no possibility to change teams to make it a 2v2. Result ;: : one guy getting raped and 3 guys running around without any action = boring = people stop playing
  2. Hautacam

    How do I get a refund?

    EA started in february 2018 and the game is supposed to be finished in february 2019. We're a third in the way so chill..
  3. Hautacam

    picking card sound

    ... I have a huge game sense but i can't pull out some moves because I have to use this doorway and will make a noise with the card. Limiting opportunities of brain plays isn't right in a "competitive" game. Specially when picking a gun, picking the bomb and sometimes reloading won't make a sound... where is the consistency so yeah great you have the choice between making the bad play or making a sound
  4. Hautacam

    Weapon Pickup "Cooldown"

    Yeah i didn't really understand but actually it happens to me now! they should do something about it
  5. Hautacam

    bot training / dm

    Bot training is very popular in csgo, i don't like it much in CS i like more DMs or retakes to warm up but here when you don't have a private server tdm with 16ppl on it, the tdm 5v5 is just a waste of time. Running around for ages not finding anyone and then you got 3 in front of you. So either put deathmatch mode, or give us some map with moving bots to shoot at. I'm sure there is a ton of somewhat serious players that want to train their aim and are in the same case as me. I'm sure a deathmatch mode would be quite popular and even if you got 7ppl on the server, it's still way better than tdm
  6. Hautacam

    picking card sound

    Why does it make a sound ? Kinda sad when you have no choice to step on a card and get spotted because of this
  7. Hautacam


    Well if you are only talking about finding cheaters killcam doesn't do shit appart from spotting aimbots what more do you want
  8. Hautacam


    So, if he didn't see you on the killcam but had the info over sound of a team mate's information you will think he cheats and you will be wrong
  9. Hautacam

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    the forum is not meant to let us have a talk with developpers, its meant for us to have a talk with the other players. It's not because they don't respond that they don't see all the threads and discussions
  10. Hautacam


    Tbh I never saw any cheater.. I've been called out as a cheater many times tho, but I don't. I just play smart, have a good gamesense, communicate with my team and have a good aim. That's the problem with threads about cheating, that happens in every game but to me it's just people that are quite bad at the game that don't realize how much better than them you can be. I'm not hating on them but it's just, you know, when you played 5v5 fps for 10+ years at a good level at some point you'll feel things and know things Killcam doesn't prove anything. The guy could have the info from a team mate, he could have heard a sound 5sec before the begining of the killcam, he could have know the guy will be there based off what the guy did in the previous rounds. Killcam could only detect aimbots, and even that would be sure because you would need more than a few killcams to be sure
  11. Hautacam

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    I prefere them to work on the game instead of wasting time with those kind of stuff tbh. Duplicate threads can also be a way to see what bothers people the most too ? And to me it doesn't change a lot if they made a thread saying in 3 days we correct this and that. We just have the info 3 days before, but this forum isn't super active, in 3 days its not like if you have a ton of threads
  12. Hautacam

    Bolt action for every team

    weapon balance =/= same weapons in each team And to me it makes the game more interesting to have different weapons in the teams. Forces you to master more weapons, this raises the skill-ceiling. This is a competitive game, you need to raise the skill ceiling
  13. Hautacam

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    They do read forums, now its not because a guy made a topic about sniper restriction that in the next afternoon you'll have an update for this. And yeah they are already working on a lot of stuff, they can't focus on the little things everybody make threads about
  14. Hautacam

    Gamplay + coin system

    Well save your cards when you think you don't have enough chance to win the round to risk your card If that happens in your team too often, just play with 1 guy as default even in the first rounds Manage your grenades 1 sniper max was bs in my opinion, ok it's cool for serious teams, but everybody wants the scope and that results in people hating on eachother. (Specially as soon as you miss a couple of shots you get roasted by your team) Now I agree it doesn't have to turn in a sniper lobby, but that's what the cards are for, if a team plays with 4 sniper they will most likely lose the cards quite quickly
  15. Hautacam


    Even the indicators are in the same