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    Grenade features

    Yes of course I can see that in a competitive tournament setting some features are not desired as well. Like Ctf or Dom. I'm just a casual player for fun and I wanted to drop my ideas and suggestions here. Maybe different server settings could turn these features on and off.
  2. KiwiFreaK

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    When nade cooking is not implemented I personally think it's missed oppertunity. In my opinion this gives an extra dimension on playing with nades. Because players have only one or two nades the impact will not be that big. I would like to ask the devs to reconsider and/or create a unique nade cook Battalion version of it.
  3. KiwiFreaK

    Grenade features

    Thanks for replies. @craven.Yeah I noticed that post: I have the feeling lots of arguments against cooking are based on personal opinions. Keep in mind that (1) a player can only throw this nade one time and (2) rushing and spraying a MP40 or camping with a rifle can also be removed for "good reasons". Oh yes, you might be right, but a mode without any HUD or interface is something I like. As for mounted guns I don't see why these are bad idea's? Did you every played the COD1, COD2 classics? In carentan the mounted gun played a major role.
  4. KiwiFreaK

    Grenade features

    Hi all, I really like this first release of the game. Nice work! Some personal suggestions I really would like to see in the game (sorry when it's already discussed): 1) I really like to cook grenades, hold them and they might explode in the face of the enemy or in your own face. This gives the player a huge amount of more control over the nades. The damage might be compenstated but I dont know... See the COD2 implementation here: 2) Remove the grenade indicator (there's a full topic about it) 3) Pick up grenades from dead bodies 4) Two grenades can make trip wires, see COD2 implementation below (sorry bad video but shows the idea): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAURqiCBK1c 5) Gas grenades, fire nades or other types (nice to have) Some other (bigger) changes could be: 6) Add fixed mounted guns 7) Implement a hardcode mode Please drop any comment below. Thats it for now. Keep up the good work. Thanks!