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  1. oh buddy its exactly how it works if you want a successful game. if anyone smart who wants to play this game and cares. wouldnt worry about lans and shit comming later on down the road. i understand that the giuys who do fixes are not planning the lans a chimp could understand that. but a chimp can also understand that resources and money are bvetter directed at things broken/not working correctly.
  2. exactly, so i dont want to hear about q2 planning when their still in q1. their jumping their roadmap. thats the last thing i want to see. im just trying tro say "prioritize". so adding ranks to me when people stiull have trouble connecting to servers etc. not the right choice at all. look at it this way, if someone cant even connect why would they even care about their rank? ive had issues connecting to their servers from day one. takes me 15 minutes to half hour to join a casual game. one day i couldnt even play "match allocating resources". unranked is "quick" only bec i think they have more of those type of servers. and the ammount of "out of nowhere" crashes is still there. prioritize prioritize prioritize prioritize prioritize prioritize prioritize
  3. adding things to the game and fixing problems already present like servers takes me 10-30 mins to find an EAST coast server???!?!?!? naw we got lans to plan.....games not even esports ready, hello? ugh ive seen other games with better progression on release/early access. so much on this game needs to be adressed etc before you start worrying about that stuff....why watch a game that one knows is playing like trash/isnt getting the best results player base wise. *hits head off desk*