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  1. Wow that place looks nice. If you haven't already you should also post on Reddit.
  2. badnewz

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    There is no option in the poll to "Reduce Movement while ADS". CoD2 had this so it still allowed vertical jumpshooting but not this sprint across gaps while sighting
  3. badnewz

    Modifying .json files?

    Many servers are already running with modified .json files and as far as I know the devs don't have A problem with it.
  4. badnewz

    Nadetraining Mod

    Inside the server config files there are a couple lines of code about drawing grenade lines. It might be a sign the devs are working on something. There is also a batch in there regarding FFA mode
  5. badnewz

    Game's Dead guys..

    adze, we get it, you don't like the game. You must not like many other games either seeing as you spend so much time on the boards of said game that you don't like.
  6. badnewz

    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    The real question is why is there a hitmarker at all? In smoke, out of smoke behind a wall, not behind a wall. Do you really need a hitmarker? I just really don't see the point, especially in a game with regen. Plenty of games were successful without it.
  7. badnewz

    OTT Jumping

    There are legitimate criticisms to be had about this game but c'mon this is not Quake with WW2 skins. CoD4 with WW2 skins. Maybe. This game has no similarities to Quake.
  8. badnewz

    The LAN announced - questions

  9. badnewz

    I want my money back!

    Sounds like you get owned a lot...maybe arcade is more your style, or there are hardcore servers already.
  10. badnewz

    Rifles Only Server Setup - How To

    Thank you for the in depth tutorial. I will have to check out your server some time.
  11. badnewz

    Game's Dead guys..

    Smoke is supposed to be like that so that you are at a disadvantage if you walk through it. What would be the point of smoke if you could see in it? You have to start somewhere. Look at all of the young talent competing at the highest levels of CSGO going toe to toe with 1.6 legends. You think starting Batt44 is hard against CoD vets, imagine picking up CS for the first time. The latest iteration of that game attracted new players in large numbers. Just invest some time playing, watch some streams and try to implement them into your game.
  12. badnewz

    Hey devs!? Console commands?

    This would be nice to have. Personally I like to bind volume commands. I found settings.effectsvolume but cant seem to find the correct way to actually bind it to a key.
  13. badnewz

    Game's Dead guys..

    I'm glad to see people running with the tacos and burgers lol ... good times. I shouldn't have this much confidence in people as common sense has already been clearly shown to not be in style, however it is possible that if this game is offered on free trial for a weekend or something after is finished and polished, that some people that dropped it in EA might give it another chance.
  14. badnewz

    How do you guys use the scope ?

    They may have changed some of their ADS settings. Have you tried that? Personally I feel the zoom on the scope is a little intense and if it did not zoom in as much it would be better.