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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    Smoke is supposed to be like that so that you are at a disadvantage if you walk through it. What would be the point of smoke if you could see in it? You have to start somewhere. Look at all of the young talent competing at the highest levels of CSGO going toe to toe with 1.6 legends. You think starting Batt44 is hard against CoD vets, imagine picking up CS for the first time. The latest iteration of that game attracted new players in large numbers. Just invest some time playing, watch some streams and try to implement them into your game.
  2. Hey devs!? Console commands?

    This would be nice to have. Personally I like to bind volume commands. I found settings.effectsvolume but cant seem to find the correct way to actually bind it to a key.
  3. Game's Dead guys..

    I'm glad to see people running with the tacos and burgers lol ... good times. I shouldn't have this much confidence in people as common sense has already been clearly shown to not be in style, however it is possible that if this game is offered on free trial for a weekend or something after is finished and polished, that some people that dropped it in EA might give it another chance.
  4. How do you guys use the scope ?

    They may have changed some of their ADS settings. Have you tried that? Personally I feel the zoom on the scope is a little intense and if it did not zoom in as much it would be better.

    Switch sides every round Wtf? I could see making the matches MR10 instead of MR12 but for the love of god do not switch sides every round.
  6. Darkness Fix

    Hi all, Like many others my game had issues with darkness, especially in Manor House. I finally fixed it and wow it is such a difference. Like a whole new game. If you have an nvidia card go to your nvidia control panel. Go to the section that has brightness, contrast, hue etc. There are two buttons, one says use application setting the other says use nvidia settings. Check 'use nvidia settings' then bring your contrast down. Way down. I brought mine to 0. Now I can see everything in game perfectly. This did not seem to affect my desktop or browsing at all. Hardly noticed a difference. Hope this works for others.
  7. More factions are being added according to the developers.
  8. Game's Dead guys..

    You are now arguing a completely different point. Obviously if nobody buys your product your company won't survive. I don't think anybody disputes that. But when you say things like this: "We all understand that it's "early acces" and more things will come, but the truth is majority of players don't give a fuck what's coming in the near future(months)," ^^That again, sounds like a problem of the people and not the devs. My previous quote of yours said much of the same. Something along the lines of: "People don't care about what early acces means. People want a game that they can play and enjoy. Now Battalion in it's current state is NOT that game. " CLEARLY a problem with people having the wrong expectations. You don't go to a burger joint looking for tacos. The place still makes good burgers it is just the customer is expecting the wrong product. Now if you can debate the proper subject it would be much appreciated.
  9. Game's Dead guys..

    That sounds like a problem with the people and not the devs.
  10. O you mean like rocket packs, drones, laser beams and all of that other crap that this community is tired of. I thought that was one of the main inspirations of this game was to get away from that nonsense.
  11. Game's Dead guys..

    If Pubg ran a tournament at the end of last year in Oakland, with alllllll of the numerous bugs that game had/has, and the player who won it was hiding in a crack just healing.....then Battalion would have no problem running a small LAN tournament even in its current state. The game is exciting to watch and pretty spectator friendly.
  12. You mentioned the downside to the WW2 setting. I will give you the upside to a WW2 game and that is bolt action rifles. You do not get that exquisite class in a modern shooter. The variability in the play styles and weaponry that a period shooter provides is unparalleled.
  13. Being Able to see who is holding the Bomb

    It is displayed in the same box as what nades people are carrying
  14. Game's Dead guys..

    Games have changed over generations to cater to what the kids of said generation come to expect. CoD1 and 2 had a large casual player base even with no incentive (ie. Ranks, loot, skins, perks etc). People played the game simply to have fun and frag out. Seems like now people can't just play to just enjoy playing. They are in need of some other reward, albeit they are mostly useless digital ones.
  15. Need help: Want to make COD2 Maps

    Toujane would most certainly be welcome but please if you do Dawnville, do the CoD1 version not CoD2. They destroyed that map in the 2nd iteration.