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    I had alot of hope for this game and still have since i first heard about it, now ive been playing for a couple of days and this is my thoughts. 1. First of all its alot of bugs and i dont care beacuse its a prerelease and they will be fixed 2.This sprinting in this game is making me go grazy, the game gets no flow, plz remove sprint and make a toggle walk with faster pace as main movement. 3. Do we really want a game where we need to have 90% of the players jump around corners, make the aim much less accurate when jumping. 4. We also have this proning, players are fire/proning like dodgeballchampions on steroids, make the prone much slower. 5, Its maybe me but is the playerschars way to big, i get the feeling the players are to big next to the maps. (maybe in my head only) 6.And finally, the maps feals like fishbowls. I would really like the maps more heads on, it should be really really hard to but if get into the enemy backline its rewarding. now people are swarning like moscitos from every angle. This is just my thoughts on the game, perhaps its only me who thinks like this but i had to say it beacuse i see sooooo much potential in this game. Keep up the good work //Fader