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  1. Well, my Battalion Inventory is still locked. It says: This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later.
  2. This Game dont even have VAC enabled, it uses EAC and some Server sided Checks to fight Cheaters. It's Valves fault.
  3. Chelly

    Darkness Fix

    I'm using "VibranceGUI" and i set the Vibrance to 75% for the Battalion.exe It's looking way better in my Opinion.
  4. Chelly

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    Never needed a new Mouse because my is working. There will be the Point were i need a new Mouse for sure. Getting used to a new Mouse is annoying as hell and i try to avoid this as long as i can.
  5. Chelly


    Yep, all future DLC's will be free. However, you can support the Devs with buying their Crates.
  6. Chelly

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    I don't know the exact name but it's a simple Mouse from Asus (LM,RB,Mouse Wheel) without any Lighting or other features and it's made in China. I have that Mouse for YEARS (prob more than 6 Years by now) and my Aim on Shooter Games for example isnt that bad. I once played Competeteive in Modern Warfare 2 with it very sucesfully. I dont need DPI and Macros ect...
  7. Chelly

    Americans vs. Germans

    Just wait Guys. I'm 100% sure more Content like Fractions ect. will be added in the Future.
  8. Chelly

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    My Mouse is so old it don't even have a option to change DPI. I'm still killing with it. I'm using ingame sens 5.0
  9. Chelly

    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    I usually report all Players that insult me through the ingame report System. Would be cool if we had an option to hide Chat tho.
  10. Chelly


    Thank you Guys! I'm glad to be Part of this Forum.
  11. Chelly

    rank stuck on 4 since for a week

    It's a Visual Bug, your XP are getting counted since they store it on their Servers. Don't worry, it will get fixed soon.
  12. Rate of Fire of the Shotgun is way to high i def. agree with that.
  13. CTF needs alot of Tweaks tho. Starting from Spawn Points and ending to the Flag Placements on some Maps.
  14. The Match was very intense. Love the Blitzkrieg Series!
  15. I don't see any reason why i should pick a Shotgun instead of a Kar98. In most Situations it makes no sense.