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  1. Hello, Im 18 years old and from the UK, im looking for a dedicated EU team thats aiming to compete at the highest level and attend LANs/events. Im able to put in over 6-8 hours each day and im a very dedicated player with experience in teams. Background info I've been in the CoD scene since CoD 4 and played promod in 2012 under the names 'Sealey' in BO3 and 'kane', since then I've played every CoD and more recently competed in the race to master on PC where I've held top 10 spots in the leaderboards in BO3, IW and WW2. I've also played with many small teams in BO3 and WW2 that haven't turned out to be successful. I also play CSGO and have over 1.4k hours playing at Supreme in MM but CSGO isnt my preferred game. Since picking up this game I've racked up 50 hours in the first week of launch and im enjoying it a lot. I prefer to play SMG but I dont mind playing any weapon, I know all the competitive maps and basic callouts for each map. Im good at communicating and I know how to handle my own in clutch situations. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/29s/