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  1. Destinyg133

    Weapon balance

    Well i didnt mean same weapons, but same class simmilar weapons But i get what you mean
  2. Quake had bunnyhop This jumps are just strafe jumps Learb people, and stop hating game cause you didnt know what were you buying
  3. move m1 to default gun and add enfield for rifle, it would be better balance
  4. Destinyg133

    Weapon balance

    Im glad you like the idea, now devs and other people need to see this
  5. Destinyg133

    Weapon balance

    Im not sure for that either. But there is enfield Well, i feel best when i play german side. Just cause of bolt action rifle and scoped version But thats just my opinion
  6. Destinyg133

    New Economy Idea

    1 sniper pet team, 2 rifles per team, 2 smg per team This would be most played strat Also i would make springfield no scope for rifle and move m1 to default or support as yoy suggested which is a nice idea!
  7. Destinyg133

    Weapon balance

    -1 sniper per team -2 bolt action rifles per team(both sides,one is optional(if he wants to play demolition/heavy/subs) -1 demolition altho its optional -2 subs altho one is optional(if he wants to play demolition/heavy/rifle) USA needs bolt action rifle, making springfield without scope for rifle or adding enfield, and setting m1 for default would be better and more competitive If both team has this, it would be easier to tweak guns, make balances, and make more fair play This is my suggestion, i wanna hear your opinion on this USA needs bolt action rifle to make more fair play Kar98 is awesome weapon, but only useable on german side, which kinda makes me sad I think USA is in disadvantage, i would remove one rifle and actually give them bolt rifle For example "M1917 Enfield rifle" Ofc this is idea for wars On arcade or unranked i think card system is kinda useless and would be better if anyone can play what they want without limits, so they can practise aim and not just how to actually play in competitive, anyways, thats only my suggestion