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  1. Kekpo

    Am I Supposed To Like This?

    Im enjoying the game a lot. Move on Don´t post if you don´t have anything useful to say...
  2. Is it possible to reduce the waiting time between the maps in Arcade? Like the scoreboard at the end shows so long, 5 seconds would be enough in my opinion. When the scoreboard is gone you have to look half a minute to some view of the map? Would be nice if we´d see the board for 5 seconds and switch right away to the next map.
  3. Kekpo

    Map rotation

    Hello Was wondering if anybody else has problems with the map rotations in Wartide and Arcade? The round ends, we wait to load a new map, this just doesn´t happen. You have to go back to main menu and search for a new game. Map rotation used to work fine for the first few rounds I played in this game. Is it on my end, or a bug? Have a nice day! *EDIT: Nevermind, just takes a very long time, but it works
  4. This looks neat, looking forward to hear more about this!
  5. Total Annihilation, it all started with this one.. Rollercoaster Tycoon Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Battlefield 1942 Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4
  6. Bought a new desktop after I tried playing Battalion on my laptop. Took 15 minutes to launch the game, and had 30 fps with everything on lowest settings... Was well worth it!