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    OTT Jumping

    This is exactly whats wrong atm ! Couldnt have put it better ! ..........But guys i am 100% sure that all this sheit will get fixed keeping in mind that its just EA
  2. S1R

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    Sometimes its like i play Waterships Down ! If your good at jumping and are a decent shooter then pick up your rifle/sniper and kill the other team within seconds .Its rediculous those 1 shots while jumping . And there is NO 1 that can say thats the way it went in 40/45 .
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    Yes i see cant change it can I ?
  4. S1R


    Hi ! I was wondering if more ppl like me play on European server ? I am a old fart (58) that played MohAA 13 years ago and like this game lots ːsteamhappyː coz it reminds me a bit of the old days I know the game is buggy still but have all the convidience that it will be a TOPgame soon ! So if you guys are out there 40+ then maybe we should get in touch with eachother and play like GODS ːsteammockingː hahaha . Just add me and let the fun begin