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    Server Requirements

    Tested on Ubuntu 17.10, application uses ~400MB RAM and 3% CPU. Ubuntu 17.10 VM in VirtualBox, 4GB RAM 8 CPU cores. Will do more testing with different OS versions etc. to determine overall usage and optimal specs.
  2. Enduranceman

    Server Not Running Successfully

    What is the output of the following? ls -l /home/LinuxServer/Engine/Binaries/Linux/ stat /home/LinuxServer/Engine/Binaries/Linux/BattalionServer
  3. So I've got a server running on Ubuntu 17.10 properly, managed to get people to connect to it and give them admin rights. Is there any way to see the current status of the server from the Linux OS? I know with old CS servers for example you'd get log messages to console when people join the server, current map, etc. It looks like no data is presented to console with the default config and run script. Is there any way to check current players, current map, application uptime, or to kick players from the server without having to connect and issue the commands in-game? I'd like to be able to remove people from the server without connecting to it etc. Also, is it possible to set reserve slots for steam IDs?