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  1. Waza

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    I'm at 1000DPI - 1 sens.. feels much better.
  2. Waza


    I don't think that hardware has that much to do with hearing footsteps in battalion. I have stupidly expensive sound setup and games are what benefit least from it.
  3. Waza

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    Playing at 800dpi with 1 in-game sens. I gradually lowered my DPI and sensitivity after the EA launch, I had cranked the DPI up over the years since I have not really played any FPS games after clanbase went under. I have no problems using windows with up to 4000-5000dpi but I still like having more room for error in case I mouse over something that the sensor does not like. I have to say that my current sensitivity is in a zone where my arm is half asleep most of the time and making very short or long distance flicks is proving quite hard. Either need to lower it further or go up to around 1200dpi / 1 sens.
  4. Waza

    Game's Dead guys..

    I am 30 years old, casual cod1 and competitive cod2 and to a lesser extent cod4 player. I suck at strafe jumping, my aim is good 25% of the time and I find it hard to concentrate to competitive gameplay unless I play in tournaments. Still I would say that battalion is very much different from the other titles. The map design is new to me, there are way too many angles to consider when moving trough the map and I have a really hard time understanding the decisions many enemy players make which often causes problems for me. Around 50% of the players are vastly better than I am at this game. Partly because I haven't really played competitive FPS since clanbase went under and partly because I don't have a dedicated team to play with. Still I improve every time I play. I hate the idea of strafe jumping yet I constantly practice it and I know that some day I will be proficient with it. I don't like the jump shooting either, but it is part of the game. They need to fix the netcode issues before we can really see if that is a real concern to the game play though. It has been demonstrated and I have personally observed the "desync" between players. This is a part of why good angles and fast paced SMG corner jumping are so powerful right now. That is pretty much what the pros do in this game. Instead of just outright removing the hard to master or annoying mechanics, I think we need to give developers the time to fix real issues and tune the mechanics before jumping(xD) into conclusions.
  5. Waza

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Why would people want the weapons to be inaccurate while aiming down the sight? That is a huge cause of frustration! Imagine playing the game and 9 out of 10 shots miss even when your aim is spot on. That does not promote skillful games, it does the exact opposite. We already have quite high time to ads and sometimes it is far better to just shoot from the "hip". People complain about the corner jumpers an jumpshots. It sucks to die to someone jump shooting you but maybe next time pick another approach or move close to cover. Corner jumping is too powerful atm but that is not solved by increasing ttk or making the weapons inaccurate. There are dozens of other things that can be adjusted and the first thing should be ensuring that any netcode related advantage is nullified. After that we can start looking at the velocity, time to ads, recoil, weapon damage and so on. I am not good at this game but I still enjoy it. I am often frustrated by the corner jumpers and new odd angles people are using not to mention those nades hitting key attack routes. Still I learn more and more about the game every time I play, and that improves my skill at the game even if my aim is still crap. Taking time to just play and learn the game would very likely change many people's opinion. There will always be someone better than you, and in the case of battalion 1944, many of the players are experienced cod gamers of the past.
  6. Waza

    Game's Dead guys..

    The game is pretty much what I expected. I hoped for more of a cod2 style movement but I'm sure they will get the weapon and movement balance right at some point. And what comes to the graphics, I think they are very good for a competitive game. It does not run well enough to justify the quality of graphics but for the most part it is very clean looking game which it should be. I have two AMD R9 290s and to my surprise this game runs crossfire already, Still I prefer the lowest graphics quality and turn crossfire off for more consistency. I always run competitive games at the lowest graphics settings possible while still maintaining clear and clean picture and I don't see a reason why devs should waste time and money adding fancy effects to the game. I welcome any changes that don't clutter the game with unnecessary effects or textures but the focus should always be on the competitive game play.
  7. Waza

    Odd latency on EU servers

    If you have an option. Try VPN. If that solves the problem, your ISP is either throttling your traffic or they have a routing problem. You can often either try a VPN for a while for free or use your right for cancellation to test this. There are benefits to VPN other than the testing purpose and I can highly recommend NordVPN from my experiences if you have a need for a top notch VPN service. Have used their service for 2 years now and although I don't use it that actively anymore I still activate VPN from time to time. In the case that the VPN completely solves the issue, contact your ISP and make them aware of the issue. Please note that you might see latency spikes and slight increase of latency with VPN service depending where you connect and how busy that node is but it should still be quite obvious if there is packet shaping going on.
  8. Waza

    CPU / Thread usage

    This game is largely single threaded. Still, I have Ryzen 1700 with a tad higher overclock and still utilize R9 290 crossfire fully. CPU usage is similar. I would try reinstalling Nvidia drivers.
  9. Waza

    Odd latency on EU servers

    This is very likely something that the ISP is doing with packet shaping or for some reason you are connecting into wrong region.
  10. Waza

    Battalion weird lag

    To me that looks like pretty extreme packet loss. I wonder how other people see you.
  11. Soo I left a competitive game once we lost the last round without waiting for the scoreboard. I think it did warn me about leaving but since the exiting action from server is now imprinted in my muscle memory I had no time to read the message 15 minutes is not that bad but it still sucks to get a ban since the game was already over so maybe either have a 3 second delay on the leaving message or have the match register as ended instantly once the last round is done. I did have an option to reconnect to the server and once I did, server was changing map. It loaded a different map and I was there alone waiting for 9 other players. When I left that match the ban timer reset again.