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    Mouse Acceleration update?

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    Mouse Acceleration update?

    Hi, this question has been asked quite a few times but I've yet to find anything substential on the matter. When is the mouse accel parameter gonna be un-grayed out? This is the only thing preventing me to play right now. The game is quite simply unplayable for me at the moment because aiming is just too weird. Why force-disable it? Is it that hard to add that toggle back in? I have high hopes for this game and really want to jump in and play a lot, but at the moment I can't really enjoy it, like at all. And (to users) please don't come and tell me to get used to it or that it messes up my aim, THIS messes up my aim. It's merely a matter of habit and it just happens that much more people have played with it off by default (I guess). I've always played with mouse accel on and I won't try to relearn how to aim just for this one game, that's silly. Mouse accel has given me aimbot-like aim for pretty much any FPS I've played so no, Mouse Accel isn't bad (or better), it just depends on what you're used to. Also I'm not using any kind of third party mouse accel things, I'm just using the very default Windows settings (middle of the scale, with 'Enhance mouse precision' ticked on) with a very generic mouse. The only thing I ever needed to adjust in any FPS was sensitivity. Because obviously sometimes it varies depending on the engine, FoV or the resolution I play it at. But once it's set (takes about 2 minutes of testing out), it's good to go forever. Right now in Battalion I can aim ok if I don't move a lot/play like a noob, but I didn't come to this game for that. Really it isn't hard to aim with a mouse, unless you need to completely relearn your ways... So please, remove whatever override you put to disable Windows mouse accel so that this game can be fun for me (and I guess quite a few people) as well. Well, not "remove", but just get the toggle working, y'know? I tried changing it in the cfg or in console, and while the setting does appear to have changed (still grayed-out, though), it has no effect in-game. I've bought the game early hoping to "help with the early stages of development", but as of now it's quite simply unplayable for me. Can't give much feedback, except this. I've waited a while hoping the already-posted threads would bring some attention to it, but now I just have to bump the issue again. Thank you for considering doing this soon. Or at the very least please point me towards any relevant info that my poor googling skills have missed. Really want to get playing this game. Thank you. - A CoD2/CoD4 promod lover, soon-to-be Battalion 1944 lover