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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    Jesus... People ARE like that since.. idk forever?. Majority of players don't give a fuck why your game is not ready, why its lacking featuers, why its bugged etc, they only want to play and ejoy the game. Yes, this is not right, but it is how it is. You can keep repeating yourself that it's the problem of the people and not the devs, still not gonna change a thing. You can't change the people but you can change the game, maybe even before it's too late. Your example is perfect. I walk in a restaurant, I want tacos, they don't offer tacos but they offer burgers so I walk out the door and look for a place that offers tacos. And this is what's going to happen. People will quit the game and most likely don't look back. Then you can blame it on people, but that leads nowhere since your game will be dead, played by a few hundreds... So you got my point?
  2. Game's Dead guys..

    LOL Let's get something straight, people who play the game are the customers. They buy the game, they buy the skins, bigger playersbase = more advertisement, etc so the devs will get their salary BECAUSE people play the game. If there is nobody left to play the game - which means no income for the devs - , you can shove your game up into your ass. So devs better do what the majority wants because their income depend on the player numbers. Yes, welcome to the real world. This is how it works.
  3. Game's Dead guys..

    Yes, it's the devs problem and not the players. In 2018 you don't release a game to the public like this. Understand this already. This is why the player numbers are decreasing. You and the devs have to understand that people are NOT patient. Simple as that, if you don't understand this you are doomed.. , there are so many examples of promising games announced with shitty start , they were never able to get back on their feet... You are one of those few who would stay and "enjoy" this game at it's current stage, how many will follow you? Please look at the numbers and get your sh*t together. And like I said before the reason I'm still here "criticizing" the devs work is for the good... People suggesting devs here: "Take your time" "It's okay" "Don't worry about haters" are killing the game, because the majority of the players are not patient at all and won't wait months or years for fixes. ADAPT PLEASE.
  4. Game's Dead guys..

    People don't care about what early acces means. People want a game that they can play and enjoy. Now Battalion in it's current state is NOT that game. Sure the gameplay is good, I like it. However I'm not fan of COD series, this could be the best shooter ATM on the market for me (and for many). Games gets the biggest advertisement when its released to the public and it's gonna be much harder to get the attention of players later. Don't worry the casual players will MOVE ON, players that make the game succesfull. Sure the hardcore layer will stay around (what 3k players?). Look at Quake Champions, Dirty Bomb... That post looks promising apart from the "potentional fix" parts, what a joke. Fix it or not. rofl. Anyways I hope this game grows huge in the next few months/years - I don't see it happening because of the reasons I keep repeating - but I wish the devs good luck cause I want to play this game.
  5. Game's Dead guys..

    Can you stop repeating this "it's still early acces" "not in it's final form yet" and bla bla bla? Looks like what you and the devs are struggling to understand is by the time these "fixes" come live there will be NOONE to play the game, the game already losing it's players rapidly. Because of the fail start, shitty communication and lack of support. If you wanna make a decent game you can't do what they just did. We all understand that it's "early acces" and more things will come, but the truth is majority of players don't give a fuck what's coming in the near future(months), cause they want a game that they can already play. Like I already said only hardcore fans will stay and connect for you to discord to mix and pug , it's not 2005 and casual won't bother with that, they will refund and play a working game.
  6. Game's Dead guys..

    That's the spirit buddy! Have fun murdering your own game! Edit: According to steamcharts.com 7th of February: 6,6k 8th of February: 5,8k 9th of February: 5,1k 10th of February: 4k 11th of February: 4,3k 12th of February: 3,8k 13th of February: 2,6k Well done.
  7. Game's Dead guys..

    Or during the last two years of development they could have fixed the random crashes and started working on competitive earlier instead of making skins and chests? How do you even "ea" publish a game like that in 2018? REALLY. Atleast make 1 good side of it. And then 1 week later they add voice chat (another thing - how is this not part of the game by "ea" release) and you can't tell whos talking because it's not displayed ingame. WHAT? What's next, they add competitive but it doesn't display ranks? You can't rank up? The game won't live through the "EA" stage with these decisions, the playerbase will decrease slowly. Like I mentioned before , look at Dirty Bomb - complete failure.
  8. Game's Dead guys..

    Well, they also said that the ranked will start on 8th of February and didn't say a word about delaying it until the last second. I don't trust that guy anymore, there absolute 0 info about the new date, they are so silent. Also that Brammer guy looks like he enjoys streaming more than actually working on his own project. This stuff is ruined from day 1, look at Dirty Bomb, exact same scenario.
  9. Game's Dead guys..

    Haha, is this a joke? The playerbase won't even reach stable 10k with this attitude. It's not 2005 anymore to look for games on IRC rofl. If this games wants a solid playerbase they have to adapt, which means competitive ASAP. Casual players will give up on the game in a few days, because theres nothing to "compete for". Everyone I played with in the past 10 years pretty much bought the game, because we all wanted a new shooter that feels like the old ones but with modern features such as MM. We are in our late 20s, earily 30s and don't have much time to play. Make a team, play competitively and manage our schedule so everyones avi at the same times - it's not for us anymore. Most of the community wants a 1 click competitive match, like in CS, R6 and any decent shooter game. Look at the playersbase of those games, it's HUGE, both competitive and casual side is working for them. Why? Cause they implement featuers like competitive matchamking since day 1. I reached lvl 10 to play competitive on last thursday, guess what? They haven't said a word until the last sec about comp delay. I have no motivation to play the game since, I don't have time to spam "mix me" on discord, or make a schedule with my old mates whos avi on X day at Y pm and then join discord and look for a scrim, what a joke. Unranked with multiple disconnecting players, 3v4 is no joy. And everyone, especially the devs should know this since they made a game for my generation, who enjoyed shooters back in 2000-2010... 2 years of development and we get cod1 graphic and 120fps on an i5 and rx480? :DD (and no I don't care about the graphic - I play Quake 3 the best game ever made - but how is this even possible) game crashes unbalanced weapons No ranked broken card system and I could go on And stop with this Early Acces bullshit you can keep spamming it to hide behind this excuse, the game won't grow anywhere with this attitude. I want to like the game, but I just can't because of the unprofessionalism of the devs...
  10. Hello! Me(26) and my friend stati(23) are looking for a serious competitive team to play with. We are from Hungary, and have 10+ years of competitive FPS experience behind us. We were both part of hungarian national team in W:ET(7k+ hours) attended on several LANs, played CB:EC, OC prem, ESL EMS, etc. Few years of Quake Live(2k+ hours) duel experience. Attended LANs in CSS and CSGO (2k+ hours). Stati also played COD4 competitively. We prefer a stable "team" with 3 members already, but new projects are also welcome. We are aiming to play on LANs, Cups, tournamets. Contact me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/norman230566stol3n/ Cheers